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Who We Are One Company – Meeting Stringent Standards Over many years Hydratight has provided, as its core business, world class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. In addition, Hydratight can provide innovative and unique subsea engineered solutions, including Morgrip DNV approved mechanical couplings and HydraQuick Release System. Both are fieldproven in deepwater applications. Hydratight works in partnership with the world’s leading OEMs using the latest computer technology and market leading...

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What Makes Us Different One Company – A Multitude of Solutions Hydratight plays a leading role within the complex and changing world of subsea, providing innovative and unique services to improve cost effectiveness in this competitive industry. MORGRIP® Morgip is a range of weldless mechanical couplings, which provide high-integrity connections for all types of metal pipe work. The Morgrip product has over 20 years of proven leak-free service history for permanent usage and can be used for all sizes and pressure ratings of metal pipes, in critical and non-critical service. Hydratight’s...

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HydraQuick Release System Hydratight, the global leader in joint integrity, specialises in customised solutions for subsea applications. Such solutions have been implemented worldwide over the last 15 years, with initial projects into offshore West Africa. Hydratight has an international network of engineers linking directly into the centre of excellence for this technology in Paris, ensuring a quick and effective response to any customer enquiry. As oil and gas production has ventured into deeper and deeper water, the requirement for remote activation in bolted applications has increased....

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This technology offers a significant increase in offshore operational time savings and consequently a cost reduction to the project. Hydratight is continually looking for new and innovative methods of utilising this technology within the subsea industry and welcomes opportunities to work with new and existing customers in developing any such solutions. A Hydratight DVD included on the inside back cover of this brochure highlights the following applications: • Temporary closure: Girasol/Acergy, Jasmine/Acergy, Dalia/Technip & Greater Plutonio/Acergy in Angola • Bend stiffener removal tool:...

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Joint Integrity For over 30 years Hydratight has been supporting the bolted joint needs of the subsea industry. When it comes to torque and tension, no other company in the world has the engineering technology, experience and expertise of Hydratight. AquaMax Subsea Tensioner The new AquaMax Tensioner from Hydratight is the only range of subsea tensioner to be specifically developed to generate the very high loads required for SPO/Vector compact flanges. This versatile range has been designed to be suitable for use with all standard flanges, including ANSI, API, Taperlok and SPO/Vector...

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Multi Stud Tensioner (MST) Hydratight’s MST offers significant time reduction in operation while simultaneously tensioning 100% of the bolts in a connection, providing the fastest and technically most efficient method of tightening any such connection. Using lightweight materials combined with the minimum required number of segments keeps weight to a minimum, allowing easy and fast operation by a single operator. Benefits include: • Design consists of a segmented annular ring with integrally machined, internally connected hydraulic chambers • Simple tool fitting as per a single tensioner •...

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Joint Integrity continued Hydratight has established a dedicated Subsea Engineered Solutions department supported by a global centre of excellence. This enables Hydratight to respond quickly, working in partnership with customers (including being integrated into client project teams) to develop new, or improve existing applications to reduce offshore time and risk. As always, safety is an integral part of the solutions we deliver. Nutsplitter The Hydratight Nutsplitter is a fast, sure and safe method to remove corroded or seized nuts without the need for hot cutting, chiseling or grinding....

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In-Situ Machining Hydratight is not only a premier manufacturer of world-class bolting equipment, but also of machining equipment for pipe cutting, bevelling, flange re-facing and journal turning. The DL Ricci brand of equipment is engineered, designed and manufactured by Hydratight to the highest standards. Tooling is made to withstand harsh conditions of subsea environments while performing the task it was designed to complete. Such tasks include pipe and casing cutting, flange re-facing and gasket re-grooving, while maintaining their diver-friendly operations. The line of tools available...

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Training Hydratight was founded on a culture devoted to safety. As a designer and manufacturer of high quality joint integrity products, the safe and correct use of this equipment remains of prime importance in ensuring our ‘right first time’ philosophy. As accredited training providers, Hydratight offers a range of courses to ensure all personnel are fully trained and assessed to industry best practice standards. Our fully qualified training instructors are experts in their field and can deliver additional courses on the operation of Hydratight equipment or services on a global scale, as...

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DVD This Hydratight applications DVD demonstrates our capabilities in the subsea market with examples of customised solutions we have provided for applications. • Temporary closure: Girasol/Acergy, Jasmine/Acergy in Angola • Bend stiffener removal tool: Moho Bilondo/Acergy in Congo • Release of clump weight: Technip • Quick structure dismantling: Bahr Essalam in Libya • Temporary flange protector: Greater Plutonio/Acergy in Angola 11

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Global Standards Local Delivery Our global network means you can rely on the right people, products and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: Or find your local representative at: Material sourced from fully sustainable, managed forests using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre. HT/SUB/E/06-11

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