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Portable Boring Bars

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Because ensuring a leak-free solution is critical. It has to be Hydratight. For more than 100 years, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions, assessing and managing joints to ensure leak-free start-ups. Today, we continue to set international standards in joint integrity—but we’re so much more than just a bolting and on-site machining company. Because even the tiniest leak can be costly and time consuming to repair, we manage every joint on a project for leak-free start-ups and production, which in turn removes the threat of environmental impact caused by unsafe joints....

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Hydratight Portable Boring Bars For over 90 years Hydratight’s portable line boring equipment has provided the power generation, mining and off-road equipment industries with technically advanced solutions to their line boring requirements. Hydratight’s range of machines represents the most advanced technology for on-site boring capability, incorporating leading engineering and cutting edge features for safe, reliable and accurate cutting. The rigid design and accuracy of Hydratight’s boring bar line has earned it the reputation for excellence on both large and small boring applications....

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8200 Boring Bar System The 8200 Boring Bar System enables large work pieces to be line bored on-site with unprecedented accuracy and versatility to maximise productivity and operator safety. No other portable line boring system can match the 8200 Boring Bar for smooth boring, accurate alignment, easy set-up and large diameter capacities. The 8200 Boring Bar System is the largest of the Hydratight portable line boring machines. Its advanced technology, rigid design and operator friendly controls make it ideal for precision machining steam turbines, hydro turbines, boiler feed pumps, wicket...

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The Boring Bar components are engineered for durability and operator safety. Each component contributes its unique advantages to enhance the smooth operation of the complete boring system. Features & Benefits • Electric or hydraulic drives provide variable speed and constant cutting torque throughout the entire speed range • Self-aligning bearings secure to the boring bar with split tapered sleeves for vibration free cutting • Modular boring head provides flexibility and rapid setup • Electronic axial feed improves quality and productivity by providing rapid tool positioning and on-the-fly...

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2250P Boring Bar Designed specifically for covering a range from 63.5 mm-609.6 mm (2.5"-24") diameter, in lengths up to 3.66 m (12'), the 2250P Boring Bar strengthens an already significant offering of Hydratight boring bar solutions. Many of the design elements of this Boring Bar have been pulled from the larger capacity, field-proven 8200 series of machines. A key area of this design transfer is the rotational drive unit. This assembly uses a 5:1 double enveloping worm gear which provides 25% more cutting torque than any other boring bar within its class. This robust assembly has...

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Optional Accessories • Additional heads are available which provide a range from 114.3 mm–609.6 mm (4.5"–24") diameter; and are equipped with a fine radial adjustment allowing for quick and accurate setting of tool position. • An optional facing/grooving head is available which covers a range from 57.2 mm–533.4 mm (2.25"–21") diameter. The cutter head is advanced using a cam tripper which actuates the cutter over an increased surface range. • Universal bearing supports increase range of mounting options in tight spaces. • Intermediate supports are available to assure a ridged set-up....

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Our global network means that you can rely on the right people, products, and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: solutions@hydratight.com Or find your local representative at: hydratight.com/contact Hydratight provides support through strategic Hydratight provides support service centres, centresadditional locations through service and in ( ) and worldwide through channel ( ) authorised representatives partners.

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