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hydra tight MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors

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Because ensuring a leak-free solution is critical. It has to be Hydratight. For more than 100 years, Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions, assessing and managing joints to ensure leak-free start-ups. Today, we continue to set international standards in joint integrity—but we’re so much more than just a bolting and on-site machining company. Because even the tiniest leak can be costly and time consuming to repair, we manage every joint on a project for leak-free start-ups and production, which in turn removes the threat of environmental impact caused by unsafe joints....

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MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors MORGRIP® Connectors are weldless mechanical connectors which provide a high integrity connection for all types of metal pipework, onshore and offshore, topside and subsea. They are designed to be used as a fire-safe weldless replacement for a permanent pipeline repair, blanking redundant lines or for tie‑ins. Since the late 1980s MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors have provided proven leak-free service history for permanent usage, and can be used for all sizes and pressure ratings of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex pipes, in critical and...

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Pipe-to-pipe Installation Hydratight MORGRIP® Connectors are equal in strength and performance to that of a welded connection. They are suitable for any application where a weld would be a traditional solution, providing the same safety, strength and reliability. MORGRIP® Connector Installation The following illustrates the steps to follow for a pipe-to-pipe installation. Step 1 Leak located and isolated, damaged section of pipeline is cut and removed. Step 2 Connectors deployed and stabbed onto pipeline(s). Step 3 Connectors activated. Step 4 New spool piece positioned. Step 5 Spool piece...

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Construction MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors have gained an enviable track record having been used by the majority of major energy companies for both pipeline tie-ins and emergency repairs for thousands of critical topside and subsea applications. Topside Flange Adaptor Topside Flange Adaptor Retrofit Riser Hang-off Clamp Hydratight’s range of MORGRIP Connectors offer versatile solutions to the problem of bare pipe connections. Their design is adapted to suit applications ranging from high temperature, high pressure hydrocarbon service lines fitted on the topside of offshore platforms,...

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Capability The continued development of MORGRIP® technology has enabled Hydratight to expand its product range to include Riser Hang-off Systems, Remote Bolting Systems and Repair Sleeve Clamps. Subsea Flange Adaptor Riser Systems Hydratight’s range of Riser Hang-off Systems provide hang-off solutions for pre-stressed, retrofit, turret based and steel catenary applications. The pre-stressed hang-off allows high temperature, high load risers to be locked in position at the hang‑off point to minimise load transfer effects. The retrofit system has the ability to lock rigid risers in position...

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Repair Hydratight’s innovative designs have produced a pipe connection which is equivalent in strength and sealing performance to that of a welded joint. This can be reliably achieved without hot work and far more safely, simply and quickly than a welded joint. Subsea Flange Adaptor Turret Based Riser Hang-off Clamp Misalignment Flange Riser Pull-in Head Pipeline Repairs Although Hydratight’s MORGRIP® Connectors are used extensively on new construction projects, the connector was initially developed, and is still widely used, for pipeline repairs. The versatility of the MORGRIP design...

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Our global network means that you can rely on the right people, products, and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: Or find your local representative at: Hydratight provides support through strategic Hydratight provides support service centres, centresadditional locations through service and in ( ) and worldwide through channel ( ) authorised representatives partners.

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