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Assured Joint Integrity

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All leaks cost Loss of containment can have catastrophic results and negatively impact brand image, facilities, employees, and the environment. Unplanned shutdowns at hydrocarbon processing facilities regularly feature in the news; and globally, reports of major fires exceed, on average, one a week. It is unquestionably true that all leaks cost the industry but it is also true that all leaks are preventable. All leaks from bolted joints can be avoided This is a true statement that Hydratight emphatically believes in and drives our people and our processes… all leaks from bolted joints can...

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Why is Joint Integrity so important? Irrespective of location or whether onshore or offshore, studies show that the majority of flange leaks are attributable to procedural, process or operational failings. Surprisingly, few are due to technical reasons. Fundamentally, it’s people and their competencies that prevent leaks. These fundamentals are the heart of Hydratight’s joint integrity services. Environmentally responsible and safety focused installations commonly record leaks and report leak size and frequency as a metric. The intent is to demonstrate improvement both to stakeholders and...

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Essentials of assured Joint Integrity A Joint Integrity program based on these essentials will deliver a leak-free startup and operation, provide long term assurance, and ensure that any organisation operates Joint Integrity best in class procedures. Our joint integrity process stems from industry best guidelines and parallels the regional legislative frameworks our customers operate with. Ownership, Support and Structure A defined Joint Integrity owner should be appointed. This provides an unambiguous reporting structure, aids in solving issues and ensures that the Joint Integrity program...

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How we can work with you While we would always recommend a bundled package of services, our approach is designed to be highly flexible, and we offer a number of different contracting models at different stages of a projects lifecycle to meet any client requirements. All of our services fall within three broad contracting models, linked to our Business Model. Engineering and Technical Consultancy During the preparation and planning of any construction or maintenance activity, we provide technical consultancy to assist with the development of a best practice Joint Integrity program. This...

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Contracting Model

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Our key strengths We offer a number of different services to assist clients with the development and implementation of a best practice Joint Integrity program. This specialised approach is underpinned by the training, competency, skills, and experience of our people, combined with our technical and engineering expertise. Our Training and Competency All field service personnel pass through our IMPACT (Integrity, Management, Process, Assurance, Competence, Training) program, implemented via a global network of Joint Integrity Colleges. The IMPACT program enables us to provide qualified bolted...

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A history of establishing standards Hydratight has long been involved with the professional organisations that drive global standards in Joint Integrity, including the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), City and Guilds, OLF, the Energy Institute, and Step Change in Safety. Launched a Hydratight Joint Integrity College to deliver training and qualification that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME PCC-1-2013 guidance to our own technicians, engineers and managers. Hydratight becomes the world’s first ASME PCC-1-2013 qualifying organisation, following an...

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Our Results • 200,000+ joints, flawlessly executed Joint Integrity program on world scale, multi-site, LNG construction project • 30,000+ joints, flawlessly executed Joint Integrity program on major USA refinery construction Hydratight leak-free guarantee Hydratight has been tracking the outcome of implementing Assured Joint Integrity since 2000. The data collected demonstrates that obtaining a leak free start-up is very achievable provided that the joint integrity work-scope is competently executed and fully assured. To stand by our Joint Integrity Assurance program, current processes,...

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It has to be Hydratight A century after developing the technology behind hydraulic bolt tightening, Hydratight is at the forefront of bolted flange joint safety with our Joint Integrity approach. It is the cornerstone of a leak-free operation, flawless startups and cost savings. We are able to support clients worldwide through our extensive network of global locations. Work with Hydratight and you can take advantage of the industry's most qualified support and highly trained competent people. Our proven, comprehensive Joint Integrity approach is critical to a safe, productive,...

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Our global network means that you can rely on the right people, products, and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: Or find your local representative at: Hydratight provides support through service centers (•) and authorised representatives (♦)

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