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Joint Integrity Management Solutions Some 30 years after developing the technology behind hydraulic bolt tensioning, Hydratight continues to push the boundaries with innovative products in bolting, joint integrity, pipe repair and connection systems. Our expertise and experience in tension and torque has created a company with unrivalled technological and process leadership in bolt tightening. Today, Hydratight has manufacturing facilities in four locations on two continents. With offices in 25 countries worldwide and our extensive network of agents, we are truly a global company. Health...

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Why is joint integrity so important? Leaks delay production start-up, cause unplanned shutdowns, and always impact budgets negatively. They are unacceptable and can be avoided. Bolted joints can leak In recent years, investigations by the process industries have highlighted the seriousness and importance of preventing leakage: This is how much leaks could cost you: For example, UK HSE (1) found that on average 243 leaks occurred per year offshore for the period 1992-2002, 17% of which occurred from bolted joints. • 3” 1500 lb gas line shut down due to insufficient service bolt load: Lost...

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Previous studies into joint integrity have revealed: • 25% of leaks took place during start-up • 51% of leaks occurred during operation • 17% of all releases occurred from bolted joints

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To assess your current joint integrity status, Hydratight conducts a Gap Analysis. This involves introducing an Integrity Engineer into your organisation to identify areas that currently fall short, meet or exceed our joint integrity requirements. Over a one-two week period our engineer will cover: • Planning and control measures associated with critical and non-critical joints • Effectiveness and robustness of procedures Training & Competence Awareness Measurement of Performance Risk Analysis • Traceability and data management procedures • Criticality and classification methods of joints •...

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The Hydratight Philosophy: • Our processes and procedures will be well planned, safe and lean • Our procedures will be industry best practice • Our client integrity tests will be leak free • Client’s production will be leak free at all times • Our leak free metric will be the best in the industry

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Structure and relationship of the Hydratight Joint Integrity Management Solutions Our products and services fall into the following categories: • Management Procedures • Process Control Procedures • Task Based Activities Health & Safety Engineering Services Process Control Task Based Informate & Boltup 2 Software Management/Employee Roll Outs Joint Date Management Software (JDMS) Assess Competency Joint Criticality & Risk Assessment Informate Advantage Tracker Software Supervisory Technicians Permanent & 4 Part Tags Lubricant Evaluation Bolt Load Verification Quality Calibrated Tooling...

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The Hydratight Philosophy: The cost of preventing leaks is far less than the cost of repairing a leak.

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Management Employee Roll Outs Carefully constructed and agreed presentations can be written for both management and technical personnel. Delivered on-site or offshore, these presentations keep everyone informed, provide commitment to the process and help ensure the installation remains leak-free. Risk Assessment and Joint Criticality Our risk-based assessment process is acknowledged as a proven method for managing the maintenance and inspection regimes associated with any particular bolted joint over its lifetime. Every plant’s process methodology requires risk assessment to identify the...

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The Hydratight Philosophy: All leaks can be avoided. Plants are designed to be safe; well executed joint integrity ensures this is achieved.

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Pipeline Integrity Management Our Informate® range of software includes the Boltup calculation engine. Hydratight’s unrivalled experience in bolt tightening includes torque and tension, bolt load calculation and recommendation and flange stress calculations for specialised equipment. For each joint, the software can provide: Customers rely on our bolt recommendations because they are: • Permanent and full historic data • Information on all actions and activities performed • Controlled by expert engineering procedures and developed by our qualified staff. • Full technical and operational...

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Lubrication and Bolt Load Evaluation Manufacturers’ assumed torque values are often based on laboratory conditions, which can lead to incorrect coefficient of friction values. To provide the most accurate readings, our service is based on genuine site conditions. Bolt loads can be measured in two ways – using ultrasonicss or hydraulic calibration nuts – which both measure loads to a high accuracy. Planning Engineers Hydratight engineers often work in customers’ offices to ensure all aspects of joint integrity assurance are identified and planned before the shutdown or construction planning...

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Quality Tooling and Machining We have been designing, manufacturing, selling and renting hydraulic wrenches, hydraulic tensioners, machining tools and nut splitters for many years. All tooling has been designed to be reliable, simple and safe to use and to achieve the correct bolt load or torque value. With our own range of on-site machining equipment for weld or end preparation, flange facing, milling, and stud removal, our tools are high quality and risk-free. Experienced Hydratight Training Instructors use their extensive on-site experience to make the courses interesting and informative...

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Supervisory Technicians Our vast experience in supplying manpower to the Petrochemical, Refinery and Offshore Oil and Gas industries makes Hydratight technicians some of the best in the business. Every Hydratight technician carries a “Passport” that provides up to date information on their training status, safety and competence levels for all of our services. Mechanical Pipeline Connectors MORGRIP® is Hydratight’s high integrity mechanical connector for connecting process pipe-work when the risks and time constraints associated with conventional welding are unacceptable. The MORGRIP® fire...

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