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Who we are One Company, Total Support, Complete Solutions Hydratight provides world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. One Company For over 30 years, Hydratight has provided high quality bolted joint solutions and machining services to the power generation, oil and gas, industrial and aero industries. Today, the breadth and depth of our product and service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field. Through our ability to innovate technology that makes connections safe, efficient and...

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What makes us different One Company - A Multitude of Solutions Hydratight has acquired several brands that have earned leadership status in service to the nuclear industry. The most recent to join is nuclear tensioning specialist Biach Industries with its credentials of having been in use in over 90% of US nuclear facilities. Our DL Ricci brand of machining and heat treating tools and our MST systems have also gained wide nuclear industry credibility as leaders. Below are examples of how Hydratight has led the way in meeting the needs of nuclear plant facilities. Biach reactor pressure...

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Biach - Nuclear Engineering Excellence Hydratight’s latest acquisition Biach Industries has been an innovator in custom designed tensioning solutions for the past six decades, including delivering one of the world’s first tensioning systems. Biach became part of Hydratight in 2010, bringing together the expertise of these two industry leaders. RPV Performance Improvement Biach has helped many nuclear reactor facilities improve their RPV stud tensioning times; providing new systems with new technology, upgrading older designs and providing technical support during outages. Often...

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The Biach nuclear line-up includes a variety of tools capable of being customized for virtually any nuclear facility. For critical nuclear applications the Biach brand is a trusted name in stud tensioning technology. Reactor pressure vessel tensioning systems The Biach Self-Contained Tensioner (SCT) for Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPV) is used to tighten the large and important nuts that hold the reactor pressure vessel closure heads. The SCT Tensioner incorporates all of the innovations and safety features found in the QD and QDH designs and uses the latest technology to gain further...

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Expert Machining and Extensive Services Hydratight’s machining brand DL Ricci is a world leader in the design and manufacture of portable on-site machining and heat treating equipment, offering unique and innovative machines and boasting over 24 patents. From sales and rental to technical support and customised solutions, Hydratight’s expertise in the nuclear market is unrivalled; our DL Ricci machines have been used in over 200 commercial nuclear asset outages. Portable Machining Solutions Since 1993, Hydratight’s DL Ricci brand has offered a comprehensive range of portable machining...

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Innovative products, endless applications Our range of specialist equipment and technical support will not only save you time and money, but also improve safety, address ALARA concerns and help raise reliability for your plant. RSLTM Hydraulic Torque Wrench Hydratight’s RSLTM hydraulic torque wrenches provide a comprehensive range of interchangeable hexagon and square drive heads, ideal when working on a variety of nut sizes on one or more applications. • Minimum maintenance; only three moving parts • Safe and durable • Compact and lightweight • Fast and versatile Manway Handling System...

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Global Standards Local Delivery Our global network means you can rely on the right people, products and services wherever you are in the world. Email us at: solutions@hydratight.com Or find your local representative at: hydratight.com/contact Material sourced from fully sustainable, managed forests using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre. HT/PG-N/UK/03-11

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