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Material Handling Solutions Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Manifold Systems Electronic Controls Complete technical information and New Products at 1

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Material Handling Solutions Early applications of AC pump motors combined with proportional valves attempted to match the speed of the pump to the opening of the valve. This was done by either creating a lookup table in the memory of the controller or by calibrating the valve i-min and i-max points and generating a linear relationship between valve opening and pump speed. Either option required signicant development time and is still inefcient due to irregularities of valves, pump efciencies, and system wear. By communicating with engines and pumps using a CAN networked ECU it is possible...

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Material Handling Solutions SYSTEM CONCEPT Since most AC traction control units lack sufcient I/O to do all the sensing and drive more than a few valves, an Accessory Valve Controller is used for multi-function vehicles. In order to eliminate the number of wires running through the mast sheaves, a CAN node has been employed to operate the carriage manifold and any sensors, limit switches or position transducers that are mounted on the mast. Operator Inputs Because everything is electronic, limits can be established to provide overrunning load control for both directions of the reach...

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HYDRAFORCE HydraForce is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cartridge valve technology, electro-hydraulic controls and integrated circuit manifolds. HydraForce products are supported around the world through international technical services ofces, and through a global network of distributor partners. Main headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility in Lincolnshire Illinois, just north of Chicago. Precision machining facility in Lincolnshire, Illinois. European headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility in Birmingham, England. Member: National Fluid Power...

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