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Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, Manifold Systems, Electronic Controls - 16 Pages

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Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, Manifold Systems, Electronic Controls

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Latest Technology HydraForce is now offering a full line of electronic vehicle control products that integrate various machine functions into a common J1939 or CAN Data Link control circuit. Quality, Reliability HydraForce products are endurance and performance qualifi ed to ensure reliability under the harsh operating conditions in off-highway, material handling and mobile equipment applications. In addi- tion, valves and manifold assemblies are 100% tested prior to shipment, assuring consistent and reliable performance. Valve components are machined within precise tolerances utilizing the...

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System Application Expertise Custom manifolds consolidate and optimize the many control functions of a machines hydraulic circuitry. External connections are minimized. Installation time and maintenance are reduced. Valve replacement, when necessary, is fast and easy. All manifolds are 100% circuit logic and function tested. HydraForce produces a wide range of custom valves, manifolds and electro-hydraulic systems for customer-specifi c applications.ҕ Steel, aluminum, cast or ductile iron manifold blocks. Anodized or zinc plated for protection in severe environments. Օ Industry-common valve...

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(contՒd.)Models SVxx-33Models SVxx-34 Models SVxx-26, SVxx-28 Normally Closed > Normally Closed Models SVxx-20, SF08-20 > Normally Open Models SVxx-29 Normally Open Models SVxx-21 and SF08-21 > Normally Closed with Reverse Flow Energized Model SV07-35 Normally Closed with Outlet Check Models SVxx-22, SL08-22 and SFxx-22 Model SVCV08-20 -NEW- Normally Open with Reverse Flow Energized Model SV38-38 Normally Open with Outlet Check Models SVxx-23 and SFxx-23 Model SVCV08-21 -NEW- > Normally Closed Model SV08-30Models SVxx-31 Model SVxx-40 Models SVxx-24 Normally Open Model SV12-40R Models...

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Models SVxx-41 Tandem Center Model SV12-60 Models SVxx-47A Open Center for Selector or Series/Parallel Drive Circuits Models SVxx-47B Model SV80-61 -NEW- Closed Center Models SVxx-47C > Model SV98-T39 ғMotor Spool Models SVxx-47DModel SV08-47E > Models SVxx-43Models SVxx-44 Normally Open Model SVRV10-26 Modifi ed Tandem Center -NEW- Model SV10-47F Model SV08-45Model SV08-46 > with Load Sense Port Model SV10-57C with Load Sense Port Model SV10-57D Complete technical information and New Products at 5 >

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Normally Closed 2-Position,Normally Closed Restrictive,Normally Closed Models SPxx-20 Models SPxx-46R Model PV72-20 Normally Open 3-Position,Closed Center Model SP08-21 Models SPxx-47C and SP08-47CL Restrictive,Normally Open Model PV72-21 Normally Closed, Bi-Directional 3-Position,Motor SpoolӔ Model SP08-22 Models SPxx-47D and SP08-47DL -NEW- Normally Open, Bi-Directional Normally Closed Model PV16-23 Model SP08-25 > Normally Closed with Check-Isolated Load Sense 3-Position, with Brake Release Port Model SPCL10-30 Models SP10-58C and SP10-58D Bypass,Normally Closed -NEW- -NEW- Models...

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(contd.) Bypass,Normally Closed Normally Closed Internal Pilot Operated Model PV42-M30 Models ZL7x-30 Models TS98-3xand *TS98-T34 > *Drop-In Type -NEW- Pilot Operated Models TSxx-36 Bypass, Normally Open Normally Open Models PVxx-31and PV76-31A Models ZL7x-31 Direct Operated Model EHPR08-33and *EHPR98-T33 > *Drop-In Type Normally Closed Normally Closed 3 Models PV7x-33 Models ZL7x-33 and ZL7x-36 1 2 Normally Open > Increasing Pressure with Increasing Current > Models TSxx-20 2-Port, Normally Closed Models PFR7x-33x Decreasing Pressure with Increasing Current Model TS38-21 Pilot-Operated...

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(contd.) (contҒd.) > 2 Guided Network Models CVxx-20, CV04-B20, CV42-M20 Check, Dual Pilot-to-Open with Optional Thermal Relief Model LS10-40 Model DC10-40 > 1 Guided, Reverse Flow Direction Inverted Model LS10-41 Models CVxx-21, CV10-23, CV10-24 Check, Dual Pilot-to-Open, In-Line Plumbed Model DCV08 Guided, with Thermal Relief Lock Valve with Thermal Relief Option, In-Line Plumbed Model DCVxx Models CV10-28 Network Model LS10-50 > Check, Pilot-to-Open Models PCxx-30and PC10-32 > Normally Closed, Springless Ball-Type, In-Line Plumbed Models HSxx-42 Model LSV1 Check, Pilot-to-Open,In-Line...

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(contd.)Model PD16-S67D Normally Open, External Vent > 2 4 Model PD10-50Model PD12-S50Model PD16-S51 > 1 -NEW- Models PDxx-30 > 5 3 Normally Closed, Internal Vent Models PDxx-32 > Models PExx-S67C Normally Closed, External Vent Models PDxx-34 Meter-In and Meter-Out Normally Open, Internal Vent Models PExx-S67D > Models PDxx-35 Model PD12-S60NModels PD16-S60N and PD42-S60N Models PExx-S67H > Models PDxx-40and PD42-M40 External Vent Meter-In Only Models PExx-S67K Internal Vent Models PDxx-41and PD42-M41 Model PD12-S61N > Internal Vent Models PDxx-42and PD42-M42 Models EPFR58-35 and EPFRxx-S35...

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1 Poppet-Type Spring Return, Pull-to-Shift Model *MPxx-40 Model BV10-40 Models EPxx-S38 > 3 2 *Lock Position Option 1 Poppet-Type, Vented, with Two Built-In Checks Spring Return, Push-to-Shift Model MD10-40 Model BV10-42 Model EP20-S39 > 3 -NEW- > 2 Spring Return,Pull-to-Shift Model *MPxx-41 > CCWCW 2-Position > *Lock Position Option Model MR10-31 Models EVxx-S34 Spring Return, Pull-to-Shift Model *MP10-42 3-Position > CCWCW *Lock Position Option Spring Center OptionModel MR10-37A > Spring Return, Pull-to-Shift Model *MP10-43 Model MV08-22 3-Position > *Lock Position Option CCWCW Spring...

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with Optional Spring Center with Optional Spring Center with Optional Spring Center Tandem Center Closed Center > CCWCW PULLPUSH Model MR10-47A Model MR10-47C > CCWCW Open Center Motor SpoolӔ > CCWCW PULLPUSH Model MR10-47B > CCWCW Model MR10-47DModel MR10-47FModel MR10-47G > Needle Valves Port 1 to Port 2 Model FC08-20F Models NVxx-20 and NV10-22 Fixed Setting Model FRxx-20F > CCWto Open Rotary Flow Control Port 1 to Port 2 Model FCxx-20 Model MR10-20 > Pressure Compensated Needle Valves, Fine Adjustment Port 2 to Port 1 Model FC10-21 Models FR50-23and FR50-28 Model NVxx-21 -NEW- Complete...

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