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Main headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility in Lincolnshire Illinois, just north of Chicago. European headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility in Birmingham, England. Precision machining facility in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Asian/Pacific headquarters, precision machining and manifold assembly facility in Changzhou, China, near Shanghai. Electro Hydraulic CONTROL SOLUTIONS Visit our website: HYDRAFORCE INC HYDRAFORCE HYDRAULICS LTD St. Stephens Street Birmingham B6 4RG England Phone: 0121 333 1800 Fax: 0121 333 1810 Member: National Fluid Power Assoc. ISO 9001 Member: British Fluid Power Assoc. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 HYDRAFORCE HYDRAULICS – INDIA Vatika Business Centre Suite No. 22, Level 5, C Wing Techpark One, Airport Road Yerwada, Pune 411006 Maharashtra, India Tel: +91 020 40111304 Fax: +91 020 40111105 Email: HYDRAFORCE HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS (CHANGZHOU) CO., LTD 388 W. Huanghe Road, Building 15A GDH Changzhou Airport Indl Park Xinbei District Changzhou, China 213022 Phone: +86 519 6988 1200 ISO 9001 HydraForce, Inc. (USA): DUNS #13-120-1493; FSCM #005K6 Fed. Tax #36-3555856 ISO 9001 Registered Member of National Fluid Power Association #306, Mirim Plaza 1132-1, Jungdong, Wonmigu, Bucheon, Kyunggido, Korea Tel: +82 32 328 2170 Fax: +82 32 328 2172 Email: HydraForce Hydraulics Ltd. (U.K.): Reg. in Cardiff.; Reg. No. 2286591 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Registered Member of British Fluid Power Association HydraForce valves meet RoHS environmental requirements restricting the use of cadmium, quick silver, lead hexavalent chrome, polybrominated biphenyl (PPB) or polybrominated diphenyl ester (PPDE) in products, components and packing materials. All HydraForce products meet requirements limiting the use of hazardous materials as indentified in OSHA Standard 1910.1200(g). © Copyright 2013 HydraForce, Inc. All rights reserved. HydraForce and the HydraForce logo are registered trademarks of HydraForce, Inc.

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Table of Contents HydraForce technology is increasing the productivity of harvesting machines around the world. Precise control of cutting, chopping, shaking, sorting, spreading, conveying, brushing, raising and lowering is made possible with our comprehensive line of cartridge valves, custom manifolds, and high performance electronic controls. Our electrohydraulic control solutions can help you deliver the highest yields of quality crop from any field, vineyard or orchard. Innovative, custom-tailored control solutions provide a competitive advantage for agricultural equipment in the...

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Combine Harvesting Global population growth and limited arable land drives the demand for increased productivity in the agricultural equipment market. Farmers need machines that are smart, efficient, powerful and productive. This is especially true in the grain harvesting market. to handle different grains, suspension and leveling systems to scale terrain, continuously variable transmissions that make efficient use of fuel and fan drives that provide engine cooling or crop cleaning. HydraForce takes a full systems approach when solving equipment control challenges. Our wide range of...

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SUSPENSION, POWERTRAIN, FAN DRIVE Suspension Basic Suspension Combines and other harvesters that travel on rough terrain depend on suspension systems to protect the equipment and operator from vibration and shock. Cartridge valving and manifolds are used extensively in rear axle, cabin, header and even track suspension systems. This basic hydro-pneumatic suspension system is ideal for cabin or seat suspension. The flexibility of cartridge valving is demonstrated in a multi-speed transmisstion circuit that provides the full range of control possibilities. On/off clutch control, four-wheel...

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Cotton Harvesters, Digging Harvesters and Balers Baler Cotton Harvesters Crops that grow underground, such as potatoes, carrots, and beets, require specialized harvesting equipment that trims or mows the plants first, then digs below the ground to harvest them. Proportional hydraulic control of the mechanisms for binding and wrapping bales is accomplished effectively with cartridge valves. Accurate proportional pressure control can ensure the correct bale density – soft in the center to allow enough air flow for drying, and hard on the outside to shed water. HydraForce has extensive...

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Specialty Harvesting Sugarcane Harvesters Sugar cane harvesting thrives on efficiency, since its intense operations require many high flow hydraulic circuits with logic elements. Proportional control cartridge valves provide an excellent way to achieve that efficiency. Sugarcane is the world's largest crop and one of the toughest to harvest. It grows in the heat and humidity of tropical countries and can reach heights of 2 to 6 meters (6 to 19 feet). The stalks are tall and tough and must be trimmed at the top and cut at the base during harvest. Cleaner cane means higher quality and less...

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Valves and Electronic Controls HSPECxx-30 Proportional Flow Control Valve with High Pressure Spool 4-Port, 3-Position, Closed Center Electronic Controls Model ECU-0710 Up to 27 inputs, consisting of digital, pulse, current measuring feedback and analog. A total of seven output configurations can be set, including six PWM or digital high-side drivers and a single low-side driver. Integral Compensator Model ECU-2415 Up to 39 digital, pulse, current measuring feedback and analog inputs along with 24 outputs consisting of up to 24 PWM or digital high-side drivers. Model ECU-2032 Up to 52 inputs...

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HydraForce Vision The HydraForce story began in 1985 when the company was founded near Chicago by several partners who saw the mobile equipment industry’s need for quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds delivered in a timely and responsive manner. They also saw the potential for engineering innovation and design flexibility offered by cost-effective and space-saving cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits. To Be An Independent Provider Of Innovative Technical Solutions That Can Change The World Mission Statement To Provide Our Customers With The Highest Quality...

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