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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 1

Filter Systems. Product Catalogue. Filter Systems. Product Catalogue. HYDAC Headquarters HYDAC Companies HYDAC Distributors and Service Partners Industriegebiet 66280 Sulzbach/Saar Germany Telephone: +49 6897 509-01 Fax: +49 6897 509-846 E-Mail: Internet: Broch.: Cooling Systems DEF 5.700 Cat: Electronics E 180.000 HYDAC FILTER SYSTEMS GMBH Bro.: Compact Hydraulics DEF 5.300 Catalogue: Filter Systems E 79.000 Global Presence. Local Expertise.

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 2

HYDAC Filter systemS... HYDAC was founded in 1963 in Sulzbach / Neuweiler, where the Group Headquarters are still located today. With over 7,000 employees, HYDAC is one of the leading suppliers of fluid technology, hydraulic and electronic equipment. The corporation is made up of 16 independent companies. Furthermore, you can contact HYDAC quickly via its network of 50 subsidiaries and over 500 service partners worldwide. From components to systems, HYDAC has for many years been supplying reliable products to all sectors of industry and, as an experienced partner, has supported its...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 3

The information in this brochure relates to the operating conditions and applications described. For applications and operating conditions not described, please contact the relevant technical department. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Subject to technical modifications. 1. HYDAC Filter Systems for... 3.1 Measurement and Analysis Systems – – – – Fluid sensors Sampling systems and Laboratory equipment Component analysis equipment Software and controls 3.2 Fluid Conditioning Systems 3.2.1 Mobile filtration systems – Portable filtration units – Mobile filtration units 3.2.2 Stationary filter systems –...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 4

1. HYDAC Filter systemS for... Fluid Condition Monitoring Monitoring the operating fluid from hydraulic and lubrication systems to design a condition-based maintenance programme. zzMeasured variables: particle count, contamination according to ISO/SAE/ NAS, water saturation zzSolutions for permanent system integration, including hydraulic and electrical adaptation (Online Condition Monitoring) zzPlug & play measuring equipment for short-term system analysis (offline condition monitoring) Advantages: zzExtension of maintenance intervals zzCritical machine conditions are identified in good...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 5

2. INDUSTRIES and APPLICATIONS The wide range of uses for the products from HYDAC Filter Systems enables applications in numerous sectors of industry. zzFluid condition monitoring and fluid conditioning in hydraulic circuits and lubrication systems e.g. of presses, rolling mills, central hydraulics Paper industry zzFluid condition monitoring and fluid conditioning on calenders, refiners, dryer section/wet-end Plastics industry zzFluid condition monitoring and fluid conditioning to increase machine availability Power industry zzFluid condition monitoring and fluid conditioning of lubrication...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 6

3. Product navigator MCS 1000 MetallicContamination Sensor Inductive particle sensor FCU 1000 FluidControl Unit Portable particle measuring unit FCU 2000 FluidControl Unit Portable particle measuring unit 3.1 Measurement and Analysis Systems FCU 8000 Page 41 FluidControl Unit with BottleSampling Unit Portable particle counter with bottle sample analysis unit AS 1000 AquaSensor Water sensor to detect dissolved water (water saturation in %) HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use measurement and analysis equipment. It is ideal for dealing with particle or liquid contaminants, no...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 7

3.1.3 Component analysis equipment / extraction equipment 3.2 Fluid COnditiOninG systeMs CtU 1000 Page 75 Contaminationtest Unit Analysis equipment for determining the technical cleanliness of components and systems Ctm-SC Page 77 ContaminationTest Module (Supply Control) Module for fluid supply, control and data storage Ctm-eb Page 79 ContaminationTest Module (Extraction Box) Extraction module for analyzing component cleanliness Ctm-eF Page 83 ContaminationTest Module (Extraction Flushing) Extraction module for analyzing component cleanliness Ctm-FA Page 85 ContaminationTest Module (Fluid...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 8

3.2.2 stationary Filter systems These units in their many versions are installed permanently offline. Stationary filter systems from HYDAC are designed to remove particles (with or without integrated fluid sensors) Advantages: z Offline filter for working filtration z Easy to retrofit to existing systems z Relief for the main filters z Greater system availability z Reduction in Life Cycle Cost 3.2.3 Dewatering / degassing and other fluid conditioning systems The HYDAC product range has both mobile and stationary fluid conditioning systems. z Dewatering uses vacuum or coalescence techniques...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 9

For the numerous offline filters in the product range, there are different types of element for removing particles and water, as surface or depth filters. Advantages: z Excellent filtration ratings z Long service life as a result of high contamination retention capacity z Reduction in Life Cycle Cost Fm-P Page 235 Flexmicron Professional Pleated elements for use in MRF / AMRF and as Betafit® elements Fm-S Page 239 Flexmicron Standard Depth filter elements for use in MRF / AMRF and as Betafit® elements Fm-e Page 243 Flexmicron Economy Depth filter elements for use in MRF / AMRF and as...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 10

4.1. Measurement and Analysis Systems

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 11

The Contamination Sensor CS 1000 series is an online fluid sensor for permanent monitoring of particle contamination in fluids. The cleanliness results can either be given according to ISO/SAE or ISO/NAS classifications. This instrument combines the latest materials and technologies with proven engineering and provides the user with a compact and robust stationary sensor. The attractive price-performance ratio makes it especially advantageous in OEM applications for condition monitoring. zzIndustrial hydraulic and lubrication systems zzMobile hydraulics zzAs an option, can be switched...

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Filter Systems. Product Catalogue - 12

Model code Series 1 = 1000 series, 4 particle size channels Contamination codes 2 = ISO 4406 : 1999 ; SAE AS 4059 (D) / >4 µm(c) >6 µm(c) >14 µm(c)>21 µm(c) 3 = ISO 4406 : 1987 ; NAS 1638 / > 2 µm > 5 µm > 15 µm > 25 µm can be switched over ISO 4406 : 1999 ; SAE AS 4059 (D) / >4 µm(c) >6 µm(c) >14 µm(c) >21 µm(c) can be switched over Options 1 = Without display 2 = With display (display can be rotated through 270°) Media 0 = 1 = Based on mineral oil For phosphate ester Analogue interfaces A = 4 ... 20 mA B = 0 ... 10 V Switching output 0 = Switching output threshold Digital interface 0 =...

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