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HUGHES SAFETY SHOWERS Europe's leading manufacturer of emergency safety showers, eye/face wash and decontamination equipment

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Serious about safety Why do I need a safety shower or eye/face wash unit? 4 - 5 Introducing Justrite Safety Group 6 - 7 What do I need to consider when buying a safety shower or eye/face wash unit? 8 Emergency safety showers and eye/face washes for all climates and environments 10 - 15 Engineered Solutions - custom made products to meet your exact needs 16

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1968 OVER 50 YEARS OF MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE JD Hughes Fabrications, founded in 1950, were erecting pipework in the petrochemical industry when an unfortunate accident became the impetus for developing safety showers and eye/face washes - long before current HSE/COSHH requirements. The products were soon in demand, so in 1968 the company began to specifically manufacture emergency shower and eye/face wash equipment. Now an international market leader and part of the Justrite Safety Group, Hughes has sites and customers across the world. ISO9001: 2015 CERTIFIED • British Standards...

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Serious about safety Why do I need a safety shower or eye/face wash unit? Whatever industry you’re in, there’s nothing more important than keeping your workforce safe – that’s where we come in. Our emergency safety showers, eye/face wash units and decontamination equipment provide you with a safer working environment, greater protection against serious injury and peace of mind that you’re compliant with crucial safety standards. These high-quality products are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, offshore, manufacturing and agriculture. They’re the first line of...

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Why Hughes? With a first-class reputation gained from more than 50 years of trading, Hughes is renowned for innovative engineering design, premium-quality products and stringent compliance with European and This means that when you buy a product from us, it will be reliable, robust, 100% fit-for-purpose, safety compliant and long lasting. With sites in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany International standards. and the Middle East – and a global network of Our company was born of innovation in site safety you’re in safe hands. and has been at the forefront of this field ever authorised...

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& Justrite Safety Group Start with the Essential, Hughes Safety Showers is a portfolio company of Justrite Safety Group. Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of leading industrial safety companies. Together we protect workers, workplaces and the environment with a comprehensive range of industrial safety solutions - from the storage, containment and clean-up of hazardous materials to motion safety, emergency showers, signs, tags and labels. ® Justrite. Safety Group All Justrite Safety Group portfolio companies are united by deep safety knowledge, long experience, and a commitment to...

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Cable management Emergency showers Hazardous storage Industrial matting Motion safety Safety identification products Environmental protection • Aerosol recycling • Ground protection • Material handling • Secondary containment • Spill containment All of the Hughes Safety Showers products you know and trust will continue to be offered under the Hughes banner. Hughes will maintain its current location, capabilities, personnel and products. Hughes Safety Showers is now part of Justrite Safety Group, which offers the world's largest industrial safety portfolio. Work with confidence At Justrite...

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What do I need to consider when buying a safety shower or eye/face wash unit? Whatever industry you're in, there are many important considerations when choosing the right safety showers and eye/face washes for your site. Here are some important ones to get you started: Do you understand what is recommended and required by local, European and International standards? Hughes lead the market in our compliance structure, anticipating future needs as well as conforming to all current standards and demands. Have you consulted your Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) to identify the chemical and...

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Our website Buying or hiring safety showers and eye/face washes is a considerable undertaking. To help you, our website contains a wealth of expert information and useful features. Essential expert information with just a few clicks • Our products Organised within several categories, all our products Discover more about Hughes’ history and our are listed with a downloadable datasheet containing professional certifications that demonstrate our technical information, functions, capabilities and a GA commitment to excellence – and to supplying drawing with components and...

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Serious about safety Emergency safety showers and eye/face washes for all climates and environments Whether you are operating within a factory or laboratory, or outdoors in the heat of the Middle East – or the cooler climates of Europe during winter, Hughes have a range of safety showers to suit. This simple key will give you an at-a-glance understanding of our products’ capabilities and how they can meet your requirements. SUITABLE FOR COLD CLIMATES SUITABLE FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS AVAILABLE TO HIRE (UK, IRELAND, GERMANY, BENELUX REGION

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Emergency Tank Showers Essential in environments where a constant water supply is unavailable or where water pressure is unreliable. Choose from a 350L tank or a 1500L ANSI compliant tank providing at least 15 minutes continuous water flow. The heated and insulated models prevent the possibility of freezing, while for hot climates, the tanks are insulated only to ensure a steady temperature is maintained. For extreme hot climates, our range of cooling options ensures water remains within the tepid range of 16-38C, even in ambient conditions of up to 50C. For severely cold climates, the...

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Self-Draining Emergency Safety Showers Designed for hot climates. The power of the sun can heat standing water within the pipes to temperatures as high as 50C. These models feature a self-draining valve to release potentially scalding water from the standpipe to avoid further shock or injury EXP-SD-18G/45G Freeze Protected Emergency Safety Showers Where there is the possibility of the water inside the shower freezing due to the cold ambient temperature, our range of trace-tape heated and insulated models are essential. Select from wall or floor mounted drench showers or combination showers...

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