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EXP-MH-14K/2000 Product Datasheet - 1

2000L Tank fed safety shower - immersion heated MH14KS2000 Meet ANSI standards whilst protecting your workforce at risk of contamination from hazardous substances. Ideal for cold climates or locations where tepid water is not available, this 2000 liter (528 US gal) gravity fed tank shower is fully operational in temperatures down to -10F (-23C). Featuring a self-contained tank there is no need for a mains water supply making this the best solution for remote locations. The integral immersion heater and thick polyurethane insulation maintain the temperature of the water within the overhead tank between 60-100F (16-38C). At this tepid temperature the casualty is able to remain under the shower for the recommended 15 minutes to decontaminate thoroughly and meet ANSI standards. Specifications MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION FRAME AND LEGS Stainless steel WATER TANK TANK SURROUND AND LID INSULATION PIPING AND VALVE SHOWER CONTROL VALVE EYE WASH CONTROL VALVE EYE WASH STRAINER BALLCOCK VALVE OVERFLOW SHOWER ROSE PANIC BAR FOOT CONTROL OPTIONS FASTENERS AND FIXINGS 2000 L (528 US gal) capacity medium density polyethylene MDPE GRP 40mm (11/2”) foil backed polyurethane uPVC and stainless steel* uPVC 11/2“ ball valve* 1/2” stainless steel full flow ball valve 1/2” stainless steel* 2 x 1/2” brass* 1” male uPVC* GRP, stainless steel Red powder coated stainless steel Foot panel (for shower) and powder coated stainless steel treadle (for eye wash) Stainless steel ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY IMMERSION HEATER RATING WATER INLET OPERATING PRESSURE General purpose or CLASS 1, DIV 2, GRPS C&D 110V, single phase, 50/60Hz, 1.7kW (220V optional) 1.7kW (2.5kW for 220V) 3/4” female NPT 0.5 to 7 BAR G / 7 to 101 PSI MINIMUM FLOW RATES Shower: 76 L per minute / 20 US gal per minute Eye/face wash: 12 L per minute / 3 US gal per minute AMBIENT OPERATING TEMPERATURE MINIMUM MAXIMUM * all stainless steel piping and valves available as an option Specifications continued overleaf HUGHES Justrite Safety Group

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EXP-MH-14K/2000 Product Datasheet - 2

General Arrangement Drawing 2000L Tank fed safety shower - immersion heated MH14KS2000 Specifications cont. OPERATION SHOWER Push activated panic bar (or optional foot panel) Lift lid (or optional foot panel) DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) NOTES Hughes Safety Showers, 457 Campbell Street, Sarnia, Ontario N7T 2J1 Canada T: 1-866-312-1652 E:

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