HUBER RakeMax®-hf (high flow) Multi-Rake Bar Screen - 4 Pages

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HUBER RakeMax®-hf (high flow) Multi-Rake Bar Screen

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WASTE WATER Solutions HUBER RakeMax®-hf (high flow) Reliable separation of solids from wastewater - Low headloss due to the large effective bar rack surface - High screenings discharge capacity - We 11-proven design based on the RakeMax® principle

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The HUBER RakeMax®-hf Multi-Rake Bar Screen is the 'high flow' version and further development of the success- ful HUBER RakeMax® Multi-Rake Bar Screen that is well- proven in hundreds of installation. The RakeMax-hf® screen consists of two different sections: The flat bottom section provides a large screening surface and favourable hydraulic conditions, the steep conveying section ensures screening on a small footprint, Material removal starts virtually right at the bar rack mounted flat to the channel bottom so that any accumu- lation of disturbing material is eliminated. The optimal...

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> High hydraulic capacity due to the extremely flat installation angle of the bar rack > High operating reliability due to defined meshing of the cleaning elements with the bar rack > No accumulation of disturbing material due to material removal from the screen starting virtually right at the bar rack mounted flat to the channel bottom > Easy-to-retroflt into existing channels > Completely odour-encased screen with easy to remove covers WASTE WATER Solutions > Installation without channel recesses possible > Not hindered by gravel or grit > Simple and easy-to-access drive unit > All parts...

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HUBER Rake-Max®'-hfunit in our factory before delivery: The flat bottom section which provides favourable hydraulic conditions is clearly visible. Discharge height above channel floor: up to 8 m From the outside the HUBER Rake-Max®-hfis not distinguishable from a RakeMax® unit, the well-proven basic machine design. Industriepark Erasbach Al ■ D-92334 Berching ■ Internet: Subject to technical modification HUBER RakeMax®-hf Multi-Rake Bar Screen

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