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WHITE PAPER4.3-10: choosing the right connectorEdition 2014 Claudia Bartholdi Product Manager RF division HUBER+SUHNER AG Herisau, Switzerland

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WHITE PAPER 4.3-10: choosing the right connector Introduction Choosing between classic interfaces such as 7/16, N or 4.1/9.5 connectors and the new interface 4.310 can have a significant impact on how a particular network will perform. There are several important considerations to make when choosing a connector, including the network design and the choice of the Mobile Telecommunications System used. This paper will compare and contrast these two categories of connectors (classical and new), highlighting their differences in terms of electrical and mechanical performance in particular...

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WHITE PAPER 4.3-10: choosing the right connector Historical Interfaces The N connector (in full, Type N connector) is a threaded, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector. It was invented in the 1940s and was one of the first connectors capable of carrying microwave-frequency signals. The 7/16 interface was developed in the 60’s and is used in cellular networks and base stations as well as in other communications equipment. At that time large corrugated cables and high transmitted power were a challenge for the N type interface. Historically the 7/16 interface had a slotted outer contact....

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WHITE PAPER 4.3-10: choosing the right connector Evolution 4.3-10 HUBER+SUHNER as a leading global supplier of RF products is an active partner of a developing group which is designated to provide innovative solutions for the telecom market. The new 4.3-10 connector system is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and at the same time reducing its size to support ongoing space reduction requirements. The connector 4.310 satisfies the requirement for compactness with the ability to fit within a 1 inch flange (25.4 mm). It is also considerably lighter than...

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WHITE PAPER 4.3-10: choosing the right connector The decoupling of the electrical and mechanical plane gives the possibility of realizing the connection with a lower coupling torque. There is no longer the need for a high torque value to reach high electrical performances. On the contrary, this design even facilitates a hand-screw solution or a push pull design due to its innovative design. The coupling mechanism is no longer influencing PIM or return Loss performances and all of the 3 configurations (screw, hand-screw or push pull connectors) are performing in the same way. For better...

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WHITE PAPER 4.3-10: choosing the right connector Applications The 4.3-10 is the ideal choice for applications in new base stations as well as for solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture and in small cells applications. In base stations the 4.3-10 can be used for interconnections both in the remote radio head as well as for the interface on the antenna and on the jumpers. In multi-operator, multiband DAS where RF signals have to be combined, terminated, or distributed to the antenna. In small cells applications, the 4.3-10 is particularly suited for the...

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