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Cables, connectors, assemblies Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Perfectly connected

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Your partner for system solutions The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. We offer technical expertise in radio frequency technology, fiber optics and low frequency under one roof, thus providing a unique basis for continual innovation focused on the needs of our customers all over the world. Solutions for radio frequency connections HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of RF cables and connectors for various applications. The products are used in markets like Radio Base Stations, Medical, Space, Defense and other...

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RF coaxial cables HUBER + SUHNER develops and produces coaxial cables for a wide range of applications all over the world according to international standards. Many years of experience and in-house manufacturing combine to produce a portfolio of components adapted perfectly to one another. Continuous further development ensures that the products are perfectly aligned with market requirements and incorporate the latest technology. An innovative development department with in-house test laboratories can react quickly to changing market trends and even develop customer-specific solutions. Find...

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RF - Product portfolio - 5

G – Standard PE coax cables HUBER+SUHNER standard PE coax cables provide a wide range of 50 and 75 Ohm, as well as single and double shielded cable types. Apart from different constructions and materials which are available out of this portfolio, a solid extruded Polyethylene is used as dielectric material. HUBER+SUHNER quality standards and process knowledge guarantees excellend electrical performances, especially for return loss Features and benefits • • • • Standard RG coaxial cables according MIL-C-17 High precision types Halogen free and flame retardant cable types Excellent return...

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RF - Product portfolio - 6

S – Low loss coax cables with tape HUBER+SUHNER low loss coax cables with tape have the advantage of a very high screening effectiveness which is higher than 90 dB up to 6 GHz. Apart from that, these cables provide low attenuation and an excellent return loss (VSWR). Halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant cable types complete this product family. Features and benefits • • • • Low loss and low attenuation High screening effectiveness Non-halogen, low smoke and flame resistant types Excellent return loss (VSWR) RF cables page 32 SPUMA The SPUMA product family provides flexible cable...

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RF - Product portfolio - 7

ENVIROFLEX® coax cables The ENVIROFLEX cable family enables users to quickly switch from fluorinecontaining cables to non-halogen alternatives. The materials used in the cable design – both for the dielectric and for the jacket – do not include any fluorineconsisting plastics. The dimensions of the individual cable types are entirely compatible with the international RG standards. Standard connectors can be used without any restrictions with the ENVIROFLEX cable family. Features and benefits • • • • Non-halogen RG replacement UL recognised cable portfolio HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® jacket...

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RF - Product portfolio - 8

TRIAX cables HUBER+SUHNER TRIAX cables consist of an additional outer conductor which is usually used for power supply or grounding purposes of any devices. Apart from that, the extra outer conductor represents a second shielding layer and increases the shielding effectiveness. Features and benefits • • • Designed for powered devices and sensor applications High screening effectiveness PE based dielectric RF cables page 60 SUCOFEED – corrugated coaxial cables SUCOFEED product range of foam corrugated coaxial cables with suitable stripping tools and connectors has excellent electrical,...

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RF - Product portfolio - 9

Semi-Rigid microwave cables The semi-rigid cable is unique due to its easily bent-to-finished shape which still maintains its set after bending. This property makes it ideal for the use with automated bending equipment as well as a hand-forming by bending tools. The range covers hundreds of proven applications which include: low-noise amplifiers, a full range of microwave components, aeronautical and space applications and a variety of high-performance laboratory instrumentation. The cables feature outstanding electrical characteristics, particularly an impedance tolerance. Features and...

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RF - Product portfolio - 10

MULTIFLEX – the alternative to Semi-Rigid MULTIFLEX microwave cables are the flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables. They are used in commercial and military RF and microwave airborne systems, satellite ground systems, communication systems, cellular base stations as well as in test+measurement applications. Features and benefits • • • • Comparable electrical performance as corresponding semi-rigid cable types High flexibility – no 3D drawings required for design and manufacture High screening effectiveness Resistant to chemicals, oil lubricants, humidity, etc. RF microwave cables page...

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RF - Product portfolio - 11

RF coaxial connectors HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of RF connectors for various applications. The products are used in markets like Radio Base Stations, Medical, Space, Defense and other industries. The product portfolio is being constantly refined. New market trends and customer requirements drive product developments such as MBX, MXP, MMPX. Additionally HUBER+SUHNER supports its customers worldwide with application engineers, helping the customers in selecting the right product for each specific application. Find all details in our RF connectors general catalogue!

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RF - Product portfolio - 12

MMBX - board-to-board (board-to-module) connectors HUBER+SUHNER MMBX connectors are especially developed for board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnections. Along with MBX the board-to-board portfolio of HUBER+SUHNER provides highest flexibility for today´s and future radio module applications. MMBX connectors offer an operation frequency up to 12.4 GHz. The series contains a wide range of board and cable connectors with a minimum board-to-board distance of only 6.7 mm. RF connectors page 39 MBX – board-to-board (board-to-module) connectors HUBER+SUHNER MBX connectors are especially...

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