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Railway connectivity Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Intelligent solutions for tomorrow

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Connectivity solutions based on three technologies 4 Signal and power transmission 6 Gigabit data transmission on rolling stock 12 Trackside data transmission 16 Your partner for railway solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a global manufacturer and supplier of components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity. With cables, connectors and systems - devel- oped from the three core technologies of radio frequency fiber optics and low frequency - the company serves custom- ers in the communication, transportation and industrial sectors. The company has been developing and...

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Connectivity solutions based on three technologies Today’s rail transport must be fast, efficient and safe. At the same time, it should also provide exceptional comfort and service to its passengers. Modern and complex systems are entering the market that enable train operators to fulfil these requirements. OEMs and systems integrators must now construct trains and systems that also fulfil future requirements and avoid subsequent, costly modifications. HUBER+SUHNER is the right partner in this endeavour. Whatever the application, the company has been developing intelligent and innovative...

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Durable – even in adverse environmental conditions The products are characterised by their exceptional performance, robustness, reliability and durability. They have been specially developed for the railway market and fulfil the railway industry’s most important environmental and fire-safety requirements. HUBER+SUHNER’s globally renowned RADOX® brand stands for particularly high-quality and resistant cables that are devel- oped and manufactured in-house. They are based on specially designed compounds that provide high-performance insulation and sheath materials. The materials are made...

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Signal and power transmission Increased complexity in train systems has increased car body wiring. This in turn impacts on the space required for extra wiring and increases weight, which has an adverse affect on performance and cost of ownership. This means that wiring the individual components is becoming increasingly challenging. Under these conditions, the use of thinwall and lightweight cables is essential to meet the technical challenges of the market while simultaneously reducing the amount of combustible material and thus potential fire hazard. Driver´s desk Control and safety...

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• Single cores • Multicore cables • Customer-specific cables • Inter-vehicle jumper cables and systems • Cable assemblies Control panels and cubicles Lighting systems nter-vehicle systems HUBER + SUHNER Products for the railway market 7

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Cable portfolio for signal and power transmission RADOX® 4 GKW-AX family • Compact, flexible energy cables • Electron-beam crosslinked RADOX® insulation does not melt or run at high temperatures • Flexible • Space and weight-saving • Resistant to mineral oil and detergents • Easy to strip • Halogen free, low smoke, flame-retardant • Resistant to wear, ozone and oil RADOX® GKW-LW family • For system wiring in modern rolling stock • Halogen free, compact and lightweight core • High abrasion resistance • Lightweight and thin • Excellent in damp environments RADOX® 9 GKW-AX family • Compact,...

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Cable systems for signal and power transmission In collaboration with its customers, HUBER+SUHNER develops pre-assembled cables and customised cable systems which meet railway-specific requirements and which are safe, reliable and low-maintenance to use. Drawing upon many years of experience in the railway market, HUBER+SUHNER offers a full array of services in the provision of ready-to-use and tested cable systems. HUBER+SUHNER provides • Complete inter-vehicle jumper systems – Cables or system cables made from optical cables, databus, signal and power cables – Pre-assembled units –...

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Connected Mobility Communication and mobility have become basic human needs in our modern times. It is almost taken for granted that both people and trains can exchange information at any time anywhere. With Connected Mobility, HUBER+SUHNER brings together the two worlds of communications and railway. Robust and reliable data communication is instrumental for key railway applications: Train control systems • CBTC • ETCS/PTC Passenger information and entertainment systems • Travel routes and schedules • News and advertisements • Internet on board • Video on demand • Gaming Train operations •...

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For these applications, increasing amounts of data must be transmitted within the train, between the train and the ground and along the track. The implemented systems use state-of-theart communication technologies to fulfil demanding market needs: • Robust and reliable connections • Enough bandwith to cope with today’s demands (Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 3G) • Easy scalable and upgradable network architecture (to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 4G) • Innovative broadband technologies (MIMO) • Components that meet railway specific environmental Access point Passenger Wi-Fi antenna Trackside radio...

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Gigabit data transmission on rolling stock A modern train requires a high-performance communication infrastructure that provides a broadband connection to the outside world and a backbone network throughout the entire train. In the long term, this enables multiple new applications to be implemented to the existing network and offers increased flexibility to add or exchange active components later on. Three factors are crucial for successful Gigabit data transmission on board rolling stock. HUBER+SUHNER offers the appropriate connectivity solutions with its range of products.

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1. Train-to-ground broadband wireless data transmission HUBER+SUHNER solution: • One or more antennas on the roof of the train in communication with the trackside infrastructure, a combination of: – Cellular networks: GSM, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE – Wi-Fi or proprietary Wi-Fi based – MIMO-capable solutions are available Roof top MIMO antenna Wireless router Radio frequency cables • Antennas and a railway-specific wireless router: – Aggregate bandwidth from the available networks – Enable a fast handover – Increase the available bandwidth to the Gigabit network on board Gigabit Ethernet Power supply...

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