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Multiport Solutions ^^^^ Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Multiport Solutions Your partner for connectivity solutions Your partner for connectivity solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components and connectivity solutions for mobile communication systems. HUBER+SUHNER offers technical expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency under a single roof, providing a broad range of products that can be relied on in the target markets communication, transportation and industrial. Our vast experience in assembling, shrinking and shielding technology as well as our extensive know-how in radio frequency, fiber optics and...

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Multiport system for industrial applications In most modern applications restric­ed space requires high packing density and t reduced weight while data rates increase and rigourous safety standards require highest quality and reliability. Here, our multiport solutions offer unequaled advantages – especially in the field and under rough environmental conditions. «Customised multiport assemblies according to your application»

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Multiport Solutions Benefits • One stop for low frequency, high frequency and fiberoptic multiport solutions • Plug and play for durable and reliable connectivity solutions • Space saving and easy to install 5

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Radio frequency In military and aviation applications, space is often constricted yet cable densities are high, i.e. a large number of radio-frequency and special microwave cables must be installed. Multiport connectors are excellently suited to such tasks. As a result of the systematic exploitation of the advantages offered by the BMA connector series, it is possible to incorporate SUCOFLEX or MULTIFLEX microwave assemblies in housings according to MIL-C-38999, series III. This produces spacesaving and easy-to-install connections which can be applied up to 18 GHz. « xperience and knowledge...

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Fiber optics Industrial applications The multi-fiber products for harsh environment are designed to withstand severe mechanical loads, high thermal exposure, and demanding environments like dust, rain and salt water. The cable assemblies are installation-friendly for fixed or mobile applications and transmit reliably data over long distances under severe environmental conditions. Further, optical links guarantee immunity against electromagnetic interference and voltage surges which are essential advantages for many electronic systems. The total electrical isolation also makes optical fibers...

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Multiport Solutions - 9

Multiport Solutions Assemblies for harsh environment conditions • Cable assemblies with multiport connectors with 2 up to 8 channels • Butt-joint and expanded beam connector types • Plug and bulkhead connector components with singlemode and multimode fiber types • Female – male and hermaphroditic connector systems • Assemblies meet high mechanical and thermal requirements • Robust mechanical design; water and dust proof • Various cables for fixed and mobile applications • Manufactured and fully tested by HUBER+SUHNER • Several mobile drums or backpacks for handling and storage available 9

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Low frequency Powerful capabilities of a global contractor As a system solution provider our development is focused on specific customer needs which ensure a high level of safety and functionality. Its uncompromising claim to delivering integral solutions is confirmed time and competence in project management, system engineering, prototyping and volume production. This holds true for national and international projects alike.

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Multiport Solutions Custom-made products according to your needs • Assembled system cables • Assembled spiral cables • Special cable systems • Hybrid cable systems • Harnesses • Enclosure wiring «We can supply from one source» 11

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HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to It is exclusively in written agreements that we provide our customers with warrants and representations as to the technical specifications and/or the fitness for any particular purpose. The facts and figures contained herein are carefully compiled to the best of our knowledge, but they are intended for general informa- tional purposes only. Business Unit Industrial m * Product group from well-managed VI,. -J forests, controlled sources and ^ ^^^^ recycled wood orfiber ■p*Q|r-. Certno.lMO-COC-028052 L ..k^rc|,L n*r rr,m J7 01M6 Forest...

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