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General assembly information Qualified, high performance 8 microwave cable assemblies > SUCOFLEX 100/200/300 /500 Qualified, low profile, high performance 86 microwave cable assemblies > Minibend family Microwave test cable assemblies 114 > Sucotest/TL-8A/TL-P Flexible microwave cable assemblies 1 28 microwave cables assemblies > Sucoform/Cobra-flex/Semi-rigid Engineering information 180 Your partner for system solutions HUBER+SUHNER makes a significant contribution to simplifying processes by supplying cables assembled with connector according to customer requirements. The...

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General assembly information Cables and connectors from the same manufacturer HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures coaxial cables and connectors for most applications and in a multitude of versions. The connector series comprise over 1700 different types which prove their qualities daily worldwide. Demanding customers trust the reliability and quality of HUBER+SUHNER products. These products have been tested to IEC, MIL, CECC and other standards. Our extensive know-how in RF technology enables reliable and competent technical consulting and support. You stand to benefit from a well...

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Assembly shop capability Automatic bending Automatic stripping Automatic laser stripping Temperature controlled soldering Clean room Laser marking HUBER+SUHNER Microwave assemblies General assembly information

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General assembly information Connector reference Connector reference Length definition and assembly design The assembly lengths are measured using the connector reference plane of straight plug and jack connectors and the pin centerline of right angle connectors. D-shape flat Assembly length Assembly length Standard assembly length tolerances SUCOFLEX®, Sucotest Semi-rigid, Boa-flex, Ever-flex, Steel-flex, Cobra-flex ± 3.0 mm ± 5.0 mm ± 8.0 mm ± 0.4 % Tighter assembly tolerances are available on special request. Please ask your local HUBER+SUHNER partner. Connector A Angular displacement...

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Microwave cable assemblies - 7

Care and handling instructions HUBER+SUHNER microwave cable assemblies of all types offer a long service life providing they are treated with the appropriate care and attention. Microwave cable assemblies are high precision system components and require proper handling in order to ensure that measured performance values are maintained. To achieve the maximum installed performance the following guidelines should be followed: 1. Assemblies should remain in their original packaging for delivery and storage. Storage temperature should be between −50 and +80 °C and the relative humidity should...

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Microwave cable assemblies - 8

Qualified, high performance microwave cable assemblies The flexible SUCOFLEX® series microwave cable assemblies offer superior electrical and mechanical performance for static and dynamic applications. This series is a high-end product designed to provide optimal performance up to 50 GHz, where stringent electrical requirements, in particular electrical stability and low loss, are important. Ideally suited for test and measurement applications and defense systems. Additional lightweight high end versions are designed to meet the stringent needs of space flights systems (i. e. satellites)...

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Microwave cable assemblies - 9

• Introduction • Overview The low loss, high performance microwave cable assembly • For static and dynamic applications up to 50 GHz • Excellent return loss • A balanced range of connectors is available, including types which feature NWA–specific interfaces, and can be provided with various ruggedisations to protect the assembly against different environmental influences • Stock assemblies available The loss revolution for dynamic applications • For static and dynamic applications up to 40 GHz • Ultra low loss • Outstanding phase stability vs. temperature • Excellent return loss • Stock...

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Microwave cable assemblies - 10

Introduction SUCOFLEX® What are SUCOFLEX assemblies? SUCOFLEX are flexible microwave cable assemblies offering better transmission characteristics than semi-rigid cables. SUCOFLEX comprises an entire system of optimally matched components such as: • Microwave cables • Connectors • Ruggedisations • Marking sleeves • ... SUCOFLEX is manufactured by highly qualified HUBER+SUHNER employees and tested against strict quality standards under controlled conditions. This results in microwave cable assemblies meeting all of your needs for top quality and high precision reproducibility. SUCOFLEX is...

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Test+Measurement Wide range of connectors and ruggedisation PC 2.4, PC 3.5, SK, SMA, BMA, QMA, QN, BNC, TNC, N, PC7 and various ruggedisations Electrical stability Thanks to their special design, types like SUCOFLEX 101, SUCOFLEX 101P, SUCOFLEX 102, SUCOFLEX 126, SUCOFLEX 526V and SUCOFLEX 526S are particularly phase stable when subjected to flexure. High speed digital testing High speed digital chip verification Lowest loss, best signal integrity, dense and space saving PCB connectivity, proven and tested solutions and components High speed digital hardware and system verification...

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Advantages of SUCOFLEX® Defense Wide temperature range −55 to +165 °C for most cable types −55 to +125 °C for most connector types Mechanical protection A wide range of ruggedisations are available for most SUCOFLEX cable types. Rugged connectors Insulators and inner conductors fully captivated, patented connector assembly techniques. High packing density Easy connection and disconnection of up to 8 assemblies with multiport connectors according to MIL-C-38999. Naval Chemical stability Thanks to excellent materials (FEP) and inert surfaces. High power performance SUCOFLEX 106 with more than...

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Cross reference within product range High performance Abbreviations see page 1 88 HUBER+SUHNER Microwave assemblies 13

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The entire SUCOFLEX family is certified to the following standards through testing, analysis or similarity. Temperature, altitude and humidity • MIL-STD-810, method 518.1, procedure I Thermal shock • MIL-STD-202, method 106, condition B1,25 cycles, temperature: -54 to 125 °C Mechanical shock • MIL-STD-810, method 516.3, procedure I (half-sine), 20 g, 6 to 9 ms, 45 Hz cross over frequency • MIL-STD-810, method 516, procedure I (saw-tooth), 40 g saw-tooth pulse of 11 ms duration 3 shocks in each of the six directions Vibration • MIL-STD-810, method 519.3, procedure I, figure 514.3-1,...

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