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Medical System solutions Edition 2012

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Reliable innovations

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Medical solutions Your partner for system solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrical and optical interconnectivity com- ponents and systems. Core capabilities in radio frequency, fiber optic and low frequency technology are united under In the medical market, HUBER+SUHNER focuses on value added passive interconnections and serves customers in • Minimal invasive solutions • Wireless patient monitoring • Radiation therapy ^^^^ Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Minimal invasive solutions New procedures require innovative connectivity solutions. HUBER+SUHNER has 60 years of experience creating innovative RF components and solutions. For cardio vascular and RF ablation therapy equipment we develop: • inimised loss in small diameters M • Maximised flexibility • ost optimisation for disposables C • Ergonomic design • ntegration of peripheral connectivity such as cooling and sensors I We offer application engineering to support our customers from the very early design stages through to approval. Our global production and logistics provide a seamless...

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Minimal invasive solutions Minimal invasive solutions – Highlights Hybrid interconnections Into our hybrid products we integrate all relevant interconnection for these applications. For example, a low loss coaxial cable, water cooling tubes, and wires for thermocouples can be built into the same cable assembly. The set-up is very flexible and can be tailored for specific customer requirements. SUCOFLEX® These flexible microwave cable assemblies offer superior electrical and mechanical performance for dynamic applications. They are typically used for low loss interconnection to a generator...

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Minimal invasive solutions – Components QMA / QN The QMA and QN connector series fit perfectly to these applications. They are electrically optimised from DC to 6 GHz, easy to integrate into hybrid connector systems and they fit onto all system relevant cables. Customers appreciate the ease of use to snap and lock these connectors into place and the high level of performance. SUCOFORM These microwave cables offer electrical performance comparable to semi-rigid but in a hand formable design. Different sizes (0.047”, 0.086”, 0.141” and 0.250”) with different jacket options are available and...

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Minimal invasive solutions Smallest size flexible RF assemblies (0<O.8 HUBER+SUHNER produces extremely small flexible cable assemblies with outer diameters well under 1 millimeter. These cables can be terminated with ergonomically designed con- nectors and can be safely handled by medical staff in difficult These assemblies are typically used in cardio vascular applications but they are also small enough to function in speech disorder thera- py equipment used inside the mouth. Radio frequency transitions HUBER+SUHNER supplies ideal electrical transitions between a flexible low loss cable...

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Diagnostic With three technologies under one roof – radio frequency, low frequency and fiber optics – HUBER+SUHNER serves the diagnostic market with both standard and customer specific solutions. For decades we have successfully worked with industry leading manufacturers, especially within the imaging equipment sector. During this time we have continuously optimised our materials and processes toward these applications and we serve the market today with hundreds of products.

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Diagnostic Diagnostics – Highlights MXP With this multi coaxial solution, printed circuit boards can be contacted faster and in a more organised way. Designs can become simpler and smaller. The connector is available with both 16 and 8 contacts and features: • High packaging density (4 mm pitch) • Signal integrity from DC up to 20 GHz • Save and easy handling (push – pull) Optical cable system MASTERLINE A modular system to support many customer design options: • 2 to 144 fibers (singlemode and multimode) • Different splitters, according to the mechanical load and space conditions •...

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Diagnostic – Components Nonmagnetic components There are different requirements for materials depending on the application. If connectors and cables are placed directly into the magnetic field of MRI systems, HUBER+SUHNER not only utilises virgin nonmagnetic raw materials but also ensures material purity throughout its fabrication processes. The following list shows a non complete product overview of components which are used with direct magnetic field exposure. Nonmagnetic coaxial connector Type 11_SMC-50-2-16/111T 16_MCX-50-2-19/111T 16_MCX-50-2-18/111T 16_MCX-50-1-8/111T Suitable for...

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Diagnostic Hermetically sealed components Cooled, complex equipment such as NMR systems (nuclear magnetic resonance) often require signal transfer through thermo isolation layers. Therefore HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures hermetically sealed coaxial connectors featuring: • Leak rates of smaller than 4x10-10 Torr l/s • Strong mechanical design • Common interfaces • Single connectors but also multi coaxial solutions such as the 14 x MCX plus 2 x SMA (see picture) Fiber optic connectors The broad HUBER+SUHNER connector portfolio is continuously enhanced through new innovative solutions...

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Wireless patient monitoring Ever since the beginning of the wireless age HUBER+SUHNER has been at the forefront of passive interconnection technology and grew into a market leader for the mobile communication market. We are ready to support your new wireless patient monitoring designs. Our contribution to your success includes: • Mastery of fabrication without compromises for volume production • «Cost of ownership» thinking • Innovation and time to market • Intense and competent support at customer sites during R&D • Complete portfolio in connectinity

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Patient monitoring Wireless patient monitoring – Components Antennas In-building coverage is a must in the healthcare sector, starting from simple voice applications to high-speed data transmissions. HUBER+SUHNER broadband antennas cover all mobile standards from 2G to 4G and also WiFi and WiMAX bands. SENCITY® Art : Omni-directional antenna with an unique design SENCITY® Avant Indoor: Omni-directional antenna with an unobtrusive design SENCITY® Optima: Omni-directional antenna with a compact design SENCITY® Ultra: Omni-directional antenna with widest bandwidth Board to board connection...

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