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Lightning and EMP protection Edition 2012

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We bring protection to perfection

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Lightning protection Your partner for system solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading international producer and supplier of electrical and optical interconnectivity components and systems. Core capabilities in radio frequency, fiber optic and low frequency technology are united under a single roof. The success of the company’s high-grade standard products and customised applications is based on its cutting edge-know how in radio frequency and microwave technology, supported by advanced simulation processes. Lightning and EMP protection solutions Four decades of experience in developing and...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 4

Leading by experience RF know how • More than half a century of experience in developing and manufacturing coaxial components including more than 20 years intensive investigation of passive intermodulation (PIM) effects. Protection know how • Expertise in lightning / NEMP protection since 1976 • With numerous designs HUBER+SUHNER is the benchmark in the lightning protector industry • Expertise in lightning / NEMP related international standardization Large portfolio • Large product portfolio for communications, defence and industrial applications Production know how • Manufacturing in most...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 5

Leading by technology Careful selection of the most suitable protection technology is crucial for effective protection with long term reliability. HUBER+SUHNER offer a large variety of protection technologies/solutions for radio frequency, microwave, data line and DC/AC applications. Important inventions are covered by world-wide patents. Milestones: • HUBER+SUHNER made the unsurpassed, most efficient and reliable quarter-wave shorting stub principle to a worldwide industry standard in RF protection. • HUBER+SUHNER invented the hybrid GDT protector with decoupled gas discharge tube to...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 6

• Products which meet the specifications and perform long term stability • Products which are designed to cope with highest lightning parameters • Products which reduce the lightning / EMP pulse to minimal residual voltage and energy (Fig 1, Fig 2) • Products which RF performance remains unchanged before and after the lightning strike (Fig 3, Fig 4) • PIM optimized gas discharge tube protectors • The world's first self-extinguishing GDT protector • GDT hybrids performing with 25 kW peak instantaneous power • Broadband components • Material selections which allow to meet the hardest...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 7

Leading by product range Gas discharge tube protectors with exchangeable GDTs ‹‹Series 3401/3402›› (standard versions) For applications with RF and DC components on the antenna line the standard GDT lightning / EMP protectors feature DC continuity and large bandwidth. Most HUBER+SUHNER GDT protector designs are performing excellent in the NEMP application as well. For specific applications internally DC-blocked GDT protectors are also available. Self-extinguishing GDT protectors (SEMPERTM) The HUBER+SUHNER SEMPER design guarantees safe extinguishing of the GDT under high RF power or with...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 8

Leading by product range Hybrid GDT fine protectors ‹‹Series 3403›› For very sensitive DC powered receivers as used in GPS installations, the hybrid GDT fine protectors with integrated transient voltage suppressor diodes guarantee lowest residual pulse energy. HUBER+SUHNER fine protectors do feature DC continuity. Quarter-wave shorting stub protectors ‹‹Series 3400›› HUBER+SUHNER quarter-wave shorting stub protectors perform best lightning parameters with excellent RF specifications within limited bandwidth. A ratio of 4:1 between lowest and highest frequency of the frequency band is...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 9

Leading by product range DC/AC protectors ‹‹Series 9079›› Overvoltage protectors for applications up to 100 V DC, or 75 V AC based on varistor technology are available as single components. Customized DC/AC overvoltage protection systems ‹‹Series 3420›› We also offer customized DC/AC overvoltage protection systems packed in ruggedized IP68 rated outdoor housings. Grounding kits ‹‹Series 9076›› High quality grounding kits, which do not need extra weatherproofing measures for long term installations in harsh environment. Capable to divert 100 kA (8/20 µs) and 25 kA (10/350 µs) lightning...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 10

Leading to your perfect solution Mobile communications GPS A truly complete product line of coaxial lightning and surge protectors covering all major protection technologies, frequency bands, installation options and interfaces in combination with Bias-T's, data line protectors and AC/DC protectors meet all market requirements. Hybrid fine protectors based on GDT technology for DC powered GPS receiver applications and quarter-wave shorting stub protectors for GPS systems without remote powering are accesible. Navigation Security A set of protectors specifically designed to meet the top...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 11

Broadband wireless Defence A variety of coaxial GDT protectors including fine protectors and broadband quarter-wave shorting stub protectors are available for the protection of traditional RF and microwave broadband wireless applications (DC to 6 GHz). Four decades of experience in developing and manufacturing coaxial NEMP and LEMP protectors have made HUBER+SUHNER a first address when it comes to employments in the defence market. HUBER+SUHNER offers protection components for land based, airborne and naval tactical communications, navigation and electronic warfare applications. Many of our...

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Lightning and EMP protection - 12

WAIVER It is exclusively in written agreements that we provide our customers with warrants and representations as to the technical specifications and/or the fitness for any particular purpose. The facts and figures contained herein are carefully compiled to the best of our knowledge, but they are intended for general informational purposes only. HUBER+SUHNER AG Radio Frequency Division Degersheimerstrasse 14 9100 Herisau Switzerland Tel. +41 71 353 4111 Fax +41 71 353 4444 23029400_Rev.A/01.2012 HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949...

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