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Your partner for system solutions The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. Our customers in Communications, Industrial and Transportation markets appreciate that we are specialists with detailed knowledge of practical applications. We offer technical expertise in radio frequency technology, fiber optics and lowfrequency under one roof, thus providing a unique basis for continual innovation focused on the needs of our customers all over the world. Our motto: «EXCELLENCE IN CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS» At the heart of...

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Connections that add Value Communication, mobility and safety are increasingly being seen in society as basic human needs, and we set about meeting these needs in our day-to-day work. The trend towards globalisation is bringing with it a rising demand for convenient, uninterrupted communication channels to be available anywhere, anytime – be it via fixed-line or mobile telephone networks or the Internet. Mobility is becoming ever more important due to the needs of both private individuals and business. Modern means of transport – private as well as public – are required, along with adequate...

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Connections that you can rely on Advanced communication media enrich our lives by promoting spontaneity, flexibility and independence, bridging the gap between people separated by vast oceans or continents and thus making the world seem a smaller place. Our broad range of products and services help companies to set up and expand fixed-line and mobile communication networks. Our high-quality standard components and customer specific applications guarantee that electrical, optical and wireless connections within and between devices can be maintained without interference or interruption....

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Connections that span the Globe Market proximity is the advantage of our global presence, with subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, France, India, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom and the US plus representatives in over 60 countries. We develop superior products and services in close collaboration with our customers. We are one of the few globally active companies producing components and systems with the key technologies radio frequency, fiber optic and low frequency under one roof. Our production facilities are state of the art....

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FO LISA - 11

LiSA - Leading Interconnect Systems Approach Central office 17 FTTH - Network termination 122 Fiber In The Home (FITH) - Outlet 138 Single parts and tools 175 Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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FO LISA - 12

Excellence in Fiber Management Solutions The LiSA fiber management system represents a modular group of products that enables seamless construction of SingleCircuit and MultiCircuit passive optical networks. The flexibility of the basic system allows for complete and compatible system solutions in the following area: Carrier networks – Fiber to the Home • Central offices • Outside plant • Network termination LAN networks (enterprise networks) • Campus cabling • Building cabling Requirements of international telecom and carrier operators as well as of private enterprise companies have been...

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FO LISA - 13

Network termination Outside plant Central office

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FO LISA - 14


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FO LISA - 15

LiSA Services Training Several different product trainings are offered either held onsite or at HUBER+SUHNER premises. Trainings include theoretical and practical parts tailored in particular to the needs of installers, planners and network operators. Possible topics are optical main distribution frames (OMDF) or Network termination at the building entry point (BEP). Application engineering HUBER+SUHNER will tailor-make products to suit individual requirements and our experienced in-house development team ensure that time to market is not compromised by complex engineering constraints. This...

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FO LISA - 17

Central Office Central office 1 8 NGR3 FrontAccess system incl. components 20 NGR3 MicroDuct management incl. components 26 NGR3 MASTERLINE management incl. components 31 NGR 12 with MicroDuct Management 64 NGR 12 with CableSystems (MASTERLINE) Management 66 Central office Cover parts (doors, side wall, back wall, cover, base) 70 Components for cable entry 75 Components for rack fastening 81 Compact module (FrontAccess modules) 87 Accessories compact modules 92

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FO LISA - 18

Central office Distribution racks • Frontal fiber position • High fiber density per footprint • Standardized rack dimensions (ETS and 19") • Lateral and backside mounting of further racks • 4 different rack types: NGR3, NGR6, NGR9 and NGR12 • Rear-mounting of components within the ETS racks for improved access to fibers and cables • Clearly arranged and secure fiber, PatchCord and cable management • Separation of incoming and outgoing fiber • Easy fiber access within patch field • Management for loose tube or pre-terminated cables • Continuous bending radius control. 35 mm for fiber and...

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FO LISA - 19

Central Office - SideAccess Distribution rack • Side facing fiber position for high laser safety • High fiber density per footprint • Standardized rack dimensions ETS) • Three different types: NGR6, NGR9 and NGR12 • Rear-mounting of components within the ETS racks for improved access to fibers and cables • Fast installation from front side • Intelligent PatchCord management • Separation of incoming and outgoing fiber • Management for loose tube or pre-terminated cables • Radius limitation of 30 mm for fibers and PatchCords • Integration of standard and small form factor (SFF) connectors •...

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FO LISA - 20

NGR3 - FrontAccess Central office Features • Highest fiber density per footprint without compromising performance, reliability and ease of maintenance • MultiCircuit (MCM) or SingleCircuit management (SCM) system • For termination of up to 240 fibers • C shaped base rack with rear-mounted rails for excellent front access • PatchCord routing without external ducts to racks mounted side-by-side • Lateral and backside mounting of further racks • Hammer head stampings to mount cables at each head and base of frame, right- and left-aligned • Cable mounting plates and cable brackets for...

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