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Best standard: Our FO components

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Assortment Production 8 Our company 9 Data intensive applications require connections with the highest transmission rates. Alongside system solutions, HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces the full breadth of standard components, in order to fulfil increasing broadband demands. With benefits in the field of fiber optics, which are well above average - from safety to security to ease of installation. Standard fiber optic components 3

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Components which are above average Save space, increase efficiency, and reduce costs: standard fiber optic components from HUBER+SUHNER offer you many advantages. They can be installed quickly and safely, even under rigorous conditions, reliably, and fulfil all the prescribed standards. Customers trust our precision and the high availability of our products worldwide. • Standards and regulations HUBER+SUHNER is an active member of the International Standardization Committee IEC ensuring that standards and regulation are followed. • Patents and licenses HUBER+SUHNER secures its own...

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HUBER+SUHNER places value on fiber optic standard products: Discover the many advantages which make our connectors, adaptors, pigtails, patch cords and cables the first choice for innovative FO solutions. You will find further good reasons at: HUBER+SUHNER Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Standard fiber optic components Tremendously small: LC push-pull Copied many times, never achieved: The original HUBER+SUHNER push-pull mechanism combines the simplest installation with the highest packing density. Ideal for situations in which access is made more difficult through neighbouring connectors and adaptors. • Improved plugging function through access to the unlocking mechanism from all sides • Patented mechanism (US 8.221.007) • Single piece design for simple manufacture • Short rigid length • Available as simplex and duplex models • Change channels without using any tools...

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Maximum flexibility: Pigtails Fiber optic requirements can be achieved without any problem using HUBER+SUHNER technology. With our pigtails the tightest of spaces can be used in an optimum way. They are setting new standards with their minimum bending radius. • Smallest axial space on the market • Patented mechanism (US 8.931.963) • Optimum connection between the connector plug and the adaptor • Bending protection with improved bending characteristics • Complies with RoHS and REACH guidelines High density for all: SC HD Clip Simple and future-proof: HUBER+SUHNER adds a system to fiber...

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Stable values: Adaptors HUBER+SUHNER standard also means constantly having the correct solution readily available and functioning where others already failed a long time ago. • Highest mechanical stability • Fewer interfaces • Higher performance • Minimal losses Standard for the home: Blink and Clik The next generation: HUBER+SUHNER taps into the residential field with the maximum possible bandwidth using the latest innovations in the field of fiber-optic connectors. • 4.9 mm diameter for fiber in the home (Clik) • Simple installation without any housing installation (Clik) • Metallic dust...

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Standard fiber optic components FO Cable From Wide Area Network (WAN) down to Fiber in the Home (FitH): The worldwide need for fiber is growing and growing. HUBER+SUHNER covers this with FO cables, which withstand the highest demands and can be equipped with up to 288 fibers. • Indoor cables are easy to install, rapidly and securely with a minimum bending radius • Outdoor cables with high resistance to weathering, for installation in the ground and in rough surroundings • Universal cables with the best characteristics from both worlds (indoor/outdoor) • Special cables with a higher...

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Manufacturing competency through knowledge and experience Closer to the customers through a global presence HUBER+SUHNER operates more than 13 production facilities worldwide, in which our Swiss know-how unfolds globally. Ecological sustainability forms one focus of our manufacturing. This is taken into consideration and examined as early as the development and construction of the components. Excellence in Connectivity Solutions – all around the world: HUBER+SUHNER remains close to its customers in more than 60 countries. Comprehensive solutions in the three technologies of radio frequency,...

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Network solutions, industrial applications or fiber in the home: The wide assortment of HUBER+SUHNER standard fiber optic components connects each field with the future. We are continually developing our product assortment for you with our Swiss pioneering spirit, engineering skills and global reach. Standard fiber optic components

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HUBER+SUHNER AG Fiber Optic Business Division 5 HUBER+SUHNER is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and IRIS. Information The details in this document are for information purposes only.

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