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Fiber Optic Residential Cabling HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! Edition 2010 1

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Networked with a CLIK!

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Fiber Optic Residential Cabling Excellence in connectivity solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading international supplier of electrical and optical components and connectivity solutions for building cabling systems. This successful global company unites core competencies in radio-frequency, fiber optic and low-frequency technologies under one roof and offers a high-quality product range for the communi-cation, transport and industrial markets. Excellence in residential cabling systems CLIK! is the practical solution for fast and safe cable installations in many different kinds of buildings....

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Easy as a CLIK! HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! The plug and play solution for your fiber optic connection to the world information and entertainment. • Pre-terminated • Robust • Blind-mating • Miniturised • Go through - everywhere

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installation without Complications Connected in next to no time Modern cabling of multiple dwellings with glass fibers presents great challenges for planners and installation engineers. Both the vertical riser zones and horizontal distribution systems offer hardly any space for additional cabling. In order to overcome this problem, fiber-optic connectors can be terminated in the field or pigtails can be spliced on to each end of the cable. However, both these solutions require expensive equipment as well as a great deal of fiber-optic expertise. Pre-assembled cables would be a possible...

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HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! Connectors and Adapters Features • Miniaturised space-saving design (diameter < 5mm!); fits every duct • Preterminated patchcord for easiest installation • Robust push-pull connectors for reliable and quick installation • Singlemode low bend fiber according to ITU-T G.657A Quantity of Connector • Excellent mechanical and environmental performance • LSFH-jacket (Low Smoke Free of Halogen) • Blind-mating; excellent usability in tight environments • Pulling-eye Applications • DTT Cabling • SMATV Installations • CATV Networks • FTTH Networks • FITH Networks 0.03 0.1 0.18 0.25...

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Perfection in every Detai Connector specification Adapter specification

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HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! Splitter Box Features • Single fusion compact size • Low polarization sensitivity • High stability and reliability • xcellent mechanical and environmental performance E • Singlemode Applications • DTT Cabling • SMATV Installations • CATV Networks • FTTH Networks • FITH Networks

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Flexible Connections ^values without connector loss

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HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! Cleaning Accessories HUBER+SUHNER®CLIK! products are cleaned at the factory and equipped with absolutely dust-proof caps to guarantee genuine plug&play. If soiling should nevertheless occur in the building site environment, the end surfaces can be easily and safely cleaned with the following products. Cleaning kit for CLIK! connectors Description Article designation Item no. ODC installation and cleaning kit Contents 1a, 1b, 1c (2x), 1d (2 x 25 off) FIBER OPTIC CLEANING KIT 84038056 1a  Red bag QbE FO cleaning system – 1b  QbE cleaning system FW2150 Electro-Wash MX...

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Excellence without compromise Outstanding quality for every single fiber Compact design, simple installation and a modular product range make HUBER+SUHNER® CLIK! the first choice for modern residential cabling with glass fibers. Customer can rely on first-class product quality in every respect, a fact that is also expressed in the HUBER+SUHNER brand promise: Excellence in Connectivity Solutions. 11

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HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and IRIS certified. We provide our customers with product guarantees as regards technical function and suitability for certain purposes exclusively in written agreements. The information in this document has been collected to the best of our knowledge; it serves, first and foremost, as a source of information. Fiber Optics Division / * Product group from well-managed Vf — - J forests, controlled sources and ™ ^iL^^ recycled wood or fiber

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