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Data center solutions Edition 2017/10

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Building next generation data centers

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Fiber optic solutions guide IANOS® — high-density inter-connects LISA — centralised cross-connects Optipack cable systems Fiber optic containment KYPROS — balanced copper solutions Optical transport systems Technical annexe

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HUBER+SUHNER Data center

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HUBER+SUHNER provides high performance and innovative products and services for the rapidly evolving data center market. We leverage over 25 years of experience in creating tailored connectivity solutions which deliver business-critical services safely and reliably. Our solutions are relevant regardless of the environment or application, and whenever there is a demand for quality, you can rely on us. HUBER+SUHNER Data center

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Global presence supported locally HUBER+SUHNER Data center

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Swiss precision delivered worldwide HUBER+SUHNER is a Swiss company which prides itself in honesty, fairness and social responsibility. Furthermore, HUBER+SUHNER embodies the values traditionally associated with Swiss engineering excellence – those of quality, precision, reliability and high-performance. Even though the needs of a global market cannot be fulfilled from a single location, those values best associated with Switzerland are embedded globally. Worldwide manufacturing and assembly HUBER+SUHNER operates manufacturing plants around the world which guarantees that regionalised...

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A data center you can be proud of Higher density and lower OPEX HUBER+SUHNER offers products which combine "industry-leading packing density" with exceptional fiber management and cable routing. Occupying less space with "passive equipment" means that our customers can deploy more "revenue generating servers" across their data center. Furthermore, our front accessible fiber management systems can be placed against outer perimeter walls which are not normally considered as part of the usable infrastructure space. Faster and simpler moves, adds and changes Both the IANOS® and LISA fiber...

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Less cable clutter and improved air-flow HUBER+SUHNER strives to manufacture cable systems and connectivity components which are as compact and user-friendly as possible. This in turn, reduces cable clutter within equipment racks and prevents main cable pathways from becoming congested or over-filled as the data center grows. Business-critical switches, storage systems and servers require stable and efficient cooling to maintain operability and our goal is to design systems that have zero impact on power and cooling constraints. Zero downtime and costly outages Our primary objective when...

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Building blocks for next generation data centers IANOS® — high-density inter-connects Modular and scalable fiber management systems to facilitate 10G, 40G and 100G data rates › page 44 LISA — centralised cross-connects Front accessible fiber management systems allowing highest packing density and fast moves, adds and changes › page 72 KYPROS – balanced copper solutions High performance pre-terminated copper cabling systems and components Compact and user-friendly cable systems which maximise link performance and transmission distances Optipack cable systems

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Data center solutions - 11

Optical transport systems Reliable, high-performance transport solutions to maximise data rates and transmission distances between data centers › page 196 Fiber optic containment Flexible equipment cabinets and containment systems for switch, server and network applications Modular fiber containment systems for optimised installation, routing and protection of fiber optic cables HUBER+SUHNER Data center

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Fiber optic solutions guide

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Using the solutions guide 1 Select your base type preference Choose a backbone type that satisfies your immediate requirements but also one that offers you the scalability and upgradeability required for the future. When you have made your decision, go to the relevant "solutions guide" for the base-type you have selected. Here you will see a series of link diagrams recommended by HUBER+SUHNER for your selected base type. Consider topology HUBER+SUHNER recommends that you choose a cross-connect topology when building a future-proofed infrastructure, however other less flexible link designs...

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Data center solutions - 14

Base-2 LC backbones and link diagrams The Base-2 system is based on LC trunks in the backbone with a reversed pair polarity AP. The Base-2 system is generally used in singlemode applications where the ability to upgrade to higher data rates is guaranteed by the optical performance of the fiber. Singlemode SFP+ transceivers are currently more expensive than multimode MPO based transceivers. However, singlemode is the only fiber that can justify the term "future-proofed" due to its massive bandwidth and extended reach of many kilometers. Singlemode fiber is also far less expensive than...

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Data center solutions - 15

Base-2 modules Base-2 backbones can be constructed with pigtail splicing, patching or pre-terminated modules. Patching and pre-terminated modules are single types with 8 or 12 fibers whereas the splicing module is a twin type with additional space for fiber handling, routing and bend-radius management. Base-2 trunks Base-2 trunks are available as single ended or double ended systems depending on whether one end of the cable will be fusion spliced. HUBER+SUHN ER supplies 8 fiber, 12 fiber and 24 fiber cable systems as standard. Base-2 upgrades It is uncommon for singlemode LC backbones to be...

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Data center solutions - 16

Base-2 LC backbones and link diagrams Base-2 inter-connects Link: Base-201a LC-LC jumper cable j p A-B/B-A 2f OS2 LC-LC trunk harness AP 12f OS2 LC-LC jumper cable j p A-B/B-A 2f OS2 Inter-connect: LC-LC jumper to patching module (SINGLE) end A LC-LC jumper to patching module (SINGLE) end B LC-LC jumper cable j p 2f OS2 A-B/B-A LC-LC trunk harness 12f OS2 AP LC-LC jumper cable j p 2f OS2 A-B/B-A LC patching tray p g y 12 port OS2 Cross-connect: LC jumper to LC patching module (SINGLE) end A, LC-LC jumper to LC patching module (SINGLE) end B, patching module (SINGLE) in cross-connect...

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