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Broadband railway communication infrastructures Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Future-oriented data communication

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Connected Mobility Your partner for railway solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a global manufacturer and supplier of components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity. The company serves customers in the communication, transportation and industrial sectors, providing cables, connectors and systems developed from all three core technologies: radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency. The company has been developing and manufacturing high-quality products specifically for the railway sector for many decades. Safety, comfort and operating efficiency are the most important...

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Connected Mobility HUBER+SUHNER Connected Mobility

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Connected Mobility starts with us As systems become ever more sophisticated and passenger comfort and entertainment become key drivers in increasing the attractiveness of rail travel, the worlds of communication and railway need to be brought closer together. The key is in connecting people and connecting trains. It lies in being able to cover the needs of passengers, rail staff and railway operations as well as various aspects of high-speed data communication systems. HUBER+SUHNER has the most comprehensive range of products, aimed at offering the right connectivity solution for each...

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Target applications Today, OEMs and systems integrators must be able to construct trains and systems that will also fulfil future requirements and avoid subsequent, costly modifications. HUBER+SUHNER is the right partner with the right expertise to support this. The company has been developing intelligent and innovative products for many years, fulfilling the individual requirements of a wide range of railway applications. On-board ticketing Buy and display tickets on board Reliable signal reception Passenger information Video streaming Real-time information on arrivals, delays, connections...

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On-board ticketing Staff information Sell and check tickets on board Advanced information on connections and train status Passenger information Provide passengers with up-to-date travel information Event recording and passenger protection Passenger counting Economic driving Record boarding data accurately Minimise energy consumption Fleet management Monitoring (remote/equipment) Monitor train position and status Analyse onboard network devices Train control Smart maintenance Command control and signaling Optimise material and resource planning HUBER+SUHNER Connected Mobility

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Connected Mobility - 8

Train-borne communications In-carriage antennas › page 17 Radio frequency cables › page 14 Fiber optic cables › page 14 Databus cables › page 14 Cable systems

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IP-based broadband technology is needed, both now and in the future, in order to transmit bandwidth-intensive multimedia content and safety-critical operational data reliably. Communication in modern trains depends upon a highcapacity infrastructure with a rate of up to 10 Gbit/s, as well as a flexibly scalable and upgradable network architecture. Key components make up the consist network, including the connection between carriages. HUBER+SUHNER offers both fiber optic and copper-based connections. The product range includes cables, connectors and cable assemblies, as well as customised...

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Connected Mobility - 10

Train-to-ground communication Roof-top antennas Trackside antennas › page 17 Radio frequency cables › page 14 Fiber optic cables › page 14 Optical cable systems › page 16 Fiber management › page 16 HUBER+SUHNER Connect

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The ever-growing amount of data generated on board trains, combined with the increasing need for trains to be able to communicate, increase the need for a broadband connection between the train and the ground. The train-to-ground wireless backhaul is ensured either via the existing public mobile network infrastructure or by means of a specific WLAN IEEE 802.11 network installed along the track, or by a combination of both. HUBER+SUHNER supplies all the products that are required both on board the train and alongside the tracks in order to create the wireless network. These include robust...

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Ground communications Radio frequency cables › page 14 Fiber optic cables › page 14 Optical cable systems › page 16 In-building antennas › page 17 Trackside antennas › page 17 Fiber management HUBER+SUHNER Connected

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A high-capacity trackside communications infrastructure is indispensable to the safe and efficient operation of rail traffic. Data transmission for communication, signalling and operational functions often requires both a trackside wireless network and a wired backbone to guarantee its effectiveness. Fiber optic cables are used to interconnect the coordination centre with railway stations, depots, control centres and trackside equipment in order to ensure the safe transmission of all important information in real time and to be able to monitor it centrally. The HUBER+SUHNER product range...

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Databus cables • RADOX® Railcat CAT5 • RADOX® Railcat CAT7 • RADOX® Databus 120 ohm • EN 45545-2 compliant • Pre-terminated on request • Easy to strip • Excellent screening effectiveness Radio frequency cables • Flexible jumper cables • Low-loss feeder cables • RADOX jacket material • EN 45545-2 compliant • Pre-terminated on request • Broad temperature range • Available with all common RF connectors Fiber optic cables • Rolling-stock cables • Trackside armored cables • RADOX jacket material • EN 45545-2 compliant • Both singlemode and multimode fibers available • Tight buffered or loose...

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Connector portfolio Radio frequency connectors • N, SMA, BNC, TNC, QMY and • Broad connector portfolio for all cable types • Diverse interface dimensions conform Fiber optic connectors • ODC, Q-ODC, Q-XCO, LC, SC, ST and MTP connectors • Leading interfaces for rail equipment • Compact designs • Vibration and shock proof Accessories Accessories • Lightning protection • DC and DC/DC-blocks • Power splitter • Multiplexer • Brackets & accessories

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