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Automation Machinery Edition 2009 Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

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Three technologies for industrial markets

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Automation Machinery - 3

System solutions for communication and power supply Your partner for system solutions The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. Our customers in Communications, Industrial and Transportation markets appreciate that we are specialists with detailed knowledge of practical applications. We offer technical expertise in radio frequency technology, fiber optics and lowfrequency under one roof, thus providing a unique basis for continual innovation focused on the needs of our customers all over the world. Supplier for the...

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Automation Machinery - 4

Automation and machinery Highly mechanised and automated industrial plants pose high requirements in terms of the power supply and the communication between the subsystems and with the system control centre. Increased demands are placed on the solutions deployed with regard to their insensitivity to dust and water, mechanical ruggedness, resistance to vibrations and insensitivity to a various types of fluids. In addition to fixed cabling systems, modern manufacturing and logistics systems call for flexibility of the data transmission, which, generally speaking, is possible with the aid of...

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Automation Machinery - 5

Automation and machinery Fields of use • Power supply • Measurement and control • Monitoring • Data transmission Service portfolio • Fiber-optic connectivity solutions and fiber management systems • Radio frequency cable assemblies, lightning protection components and antennas • Power supply and electrical data bus cables, cable systems Customer benefits • Integrated system solutions from a single supplier • Solutions in accordance with customer specifications • Satisfaction of high requirements such as fire, temperature range, etc. • Technical advice, consulting on product selection •...

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Automation Machinery - 6

Fiberoptic solutions The Ethernet communications protocol proven in the office sector migrated as universal Industrial Ethernet into the industrial sector, which satisfies all the requirements needed by industrial automation. Since high data rates, longer distances and insensitivity to electro-magnetic fields are increasingly called for, fiber-optic technology is constantly forging ahead into what have thus far been the domains of copper signalling cables. Fiber optic technology is ideally suited for setting up an end-to-end, efficient network in office and factory premises and constitutes...

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Automation Machinery - 7

Automation and machinery Customer benefits • Reliable data transmission in harsh conditions • Compatible components guarantee constant operational reliability • Integrated solutions in accordance with specifications • Compliance with stringent fire protection requirements • Optimised solutions for stationary and mobile applications • Sophisticated form of delivery for time-saving installation 7

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Automation Machinery - 8

Radio frequency solutions Many years of experience in the core field of expertise of RF and microwave technology enable HUBER+SUHNER AG to devise sophisticated specialist solutions for industrial applications in the shortest of time. Early involvement at the start of a project plus functional specifications are the key factors for optimised solutions. Our motto «Excellence in Connectivity Solutions» stands for a constantly high level of quality, plus a high-grade and broad product range coupled with reliable worldwide customer service. Fields of use • Installation of industrial networks...

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Automation Machinery - 9

Automation and machinery Customer benefits • Broad standard range for connectors and coaxial cables available from stock, in small and large quantities • Customised cable assemblies in all lengths equipped with a wide range of connectors • Halogen-free cables that comply with the specifications of the WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) regulation and RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances) • Coaxial cables that complay to a whide range of standards (UL, EN, IEC and DIN) and accreditations • Up-to-date and professional documentation provides detailed information on...

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Automation Machinery - 10

Overvoltage protection solutions Modern manufacturing and production facilities call for an extremely high degree of immunity against a whole range of environmental influences. In particular, these systems require a very high level of interference resistance with regard to electromagnetic immissions caused by lightning strikes, switching processes, etc. that are coupled into networks in a whole variety of ways. To maintain and ensure continuous operation, it is necessary to protect equipment and devices against overvoltages on feeder and connecting lines, both above and below ground, with...

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Automation Machinery - 11

Automation and machinery Customer benefits • Increased system availability • Prevention of lost operating income • Enhanced reliability • Prevention of downtimes and process interruptions • Equipment protection • Personal protection 11

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Automation Machinery - 12

Wireless solutions A vast array of solutions for wireless communication is also increasingly being used in the industrial sector. In addition to popular WLAN technology, new technologies such as RFID and 60 GHz point-to-point connections are opening up entirely new possibilities. Unlike wired communication, it is possible to respond more flexibly to changing environmental conditions avoiding the need for costly cable installations. Besides stationary installations, mobile solutions (installation on vehicles) are also possible. HUBER+SUHNER draws on a wealth of experience in the development...

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Automation Machinery - 13

Automation and machinery Customer benefits • Developed for harsh environments Vibration Steam/dust/water - Vandal-proof (impact-resistant) - Compact design - Simple and reliable installation - Secure data transmission 13

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Automation Machinery - 14

System cable solutions Industrial automation imposes maximum requirements with regard to performance and quality of the cables used. A cable can only produce maximum performance if it exhibits absolute flexibility and a long service life. Not to mention specific customer requirements, which cover special needs. Our modular system offers the ideal solution. Fields of use • Wiring of switch cabinets • Transmission of control signals • Combined/integrated data and power transfer from and to machines • Measured value transmission • Wiring of machine tools and machining centres Service portfolio...

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