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Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 Edition 2015/10

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Very stable PIM connector series

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Lightning protectors for LTE installations 15 Calibration with precision adaptors 1 8 Your partner for system solutions HUBER+SUHNER is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. HUBER+SUHNER unites technical expertise in radio frequency technology, fiber optics and low frequency under one roof and offers a high-quality product range for the communication, transport and industrial markets. As a global leader in radio frequency and fiber optic connectivity solutions, HUBER+SUHNER has worked together in...

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Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 4.3-10 interface is characterised by an innovative design feature of separate electrical and mechanical contacts, yielding very stable PIM performance even without the applied coupling torque. The separation of electrical and mechanical contacts also allows to offer the interface with three different coupling mechanisms of screw, hand screw and push pull types. universal jack hand screw Features • Radial contact • Excellent PIM and RL independent of torque • Compact size (25.4 mm flange) • Space saving • 40 % lower weight than 7/16 • Lightweight antennas and radios...

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The 4.3-10 interface dimensions conform to the international standards IEC 61169-54. Performance listed is typical for 4.3-10 interface and individual connector performance may vary depending on connector design and cable used. Please contact a HUBER+SUHNER representative for detailed information on specific connector types. 1 For certain connectors the upper temperature limit is restricted by the cable characteristics. Reference should be made to the relevant cable specification. HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 5

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The maximum temperature usually occurs on the connector inner conductor. When connectors are employed in a coaxial cable assembly, the connector should have a center conductor diameter that is equal to or larger than the cable center conductor diameter in order to maximise the power handling of the assembly. The curves are the results of a typical application and are simulation results. Curves may vary depending on the connector. For specific questions please ask our offices. T , = 25 °C/sea level amb ' Material data Some connectors may have a specification that differs from the above...

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Straight cable plugs (male) For Semi-rigid cables, Sucoform and Multiflex cables • Cable entry soldered • Centre contact soldered HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 7

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Series 4.3-10 – cable connectors Right angle cable plugs (male) For Semi-rigid cables, Sucoform and Multiflex cables • Cable entry soldered • Centre contact soldered HUBER+SUHNER type Cable group (example) X: torque, Y: hand screw, Z: quick-lock Straight cable jacks (female) For Semi-rigid cables, Sucoform and Multiflex cables • Cable entry soldered • Centre contact soldered 32.18 (1.267) 25.4 (1.000 SQ.) HUBER+SUHNER type Cable group (example) HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors

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Series 4.3-10 – receptacles Straight panel receptacle (jack) With coaxial end • 4 hole, 1 inch flange HUBER+SUHNER type with panel seal HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors 4.3-10

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Series 4.3-10 – PIM adaptors Between series adaptors 7/16 – 4.3-10 • Intermodulation < −166 dBc, 2 × 20 W, 1.8 GHz description / Beschreibung drawing-no. / Zeichnungsnr. dimensions in millimeter [mm] description / Beschreibung drawing-no. / Zeichnungsnr. Diese Zeichnung ist unser geistiges Eigentum und darf ohne unsere Einwilligung weder kopiert, vervielfältigt noch Drittpersonen oder Konkurrenzfirmen zugänglich gemacht werden. ( Art. 12 B.G.) This drawing is copyright. Information contained thereon is supplied in confidence and must not be used for any other purpose than which it was...

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Between series adaptors 4.3-10 - N, 4.3-10 - PC 3.5 • Optimized for 4.3-10 swapping calibration • RL > 36 dB, DC to 4 GHz > 32 dB, DC to 6 GHz HUBER+SUHNER type For calibration instructions, see page 17 X: torque, Y: hand screw, Z: quick-lock HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 11

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Series 4.3-10 – Quick-Fit connectors Quick-Fit connectors are designed for the termination of corrugated foam dielectric cables with HUBER+SUHNER trade name of Sucofeed. The unique feature of the HUBER+SUHNER Quick-Fit connectors is their compatibility with most cable brands in the market from different suppliers. Key features • Easy and time saving assembly procedure • Supplied in one piece • Improved PIM performance • Multi-brand cable compatibility • Multi-material cable compatibility (copper and aluminium) Straight male Diese Zeichnung ist unser geistiges Eigentum und darf ohne unsere...

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HUBER+SUHNER type X: torque, Y: hand screw, Z: quick lock Series 4.3-10 - torque wrench • Suitable for 4.3-10 screw type HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial connectors 4.3-10 13

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Series 4.3-10 - jumper HUBER+SUHNER Lisca assemblies Lisca cable assemblies are specially developed for applications where low VSWR and low attenuation combined with low intermodulation products are required. The excellent performance is achieved by utilizing corrugated Sucofeed cables with low intermodulation designed connectors and a controlled assembly process with HUBER+SUHNER solder technology. This product line is designed to provide optimal performance up to 6 GHz. • Excellent RF performance • Low attenuation • Low stable intermodulation products • Moisture protection IP 68 Besides...

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Series 4.3-10 - TL-P High flexible PIM test lead Especially designed for in field and factory PIM testing of antennas and components. • More than 2000 mating cycles • Very stable PIM under dynamic test (< 160 dBc, 2 x 43 dBm) • Small bend radius (> 110 mm/4.3 inch) • Excellent return Loss (S 23 dB up to 3 GHz) protectors for LTE installations HUBER+SUHNER type The frequency range covers the full LTE band and therefore includes public safety, WiMAX, WLAN, ISM and GPS applications besides the classic cellular applications. Both protectors are IP 67 rated (in coupled state) for outdoor...

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