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High precision temperature control solutions for research and industry

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The tango factory in Offenburg Welcome at Huber High-precision temperature control solutions – inspired by temperature, driven by customer needs Since 1968 we have been developing and producing high-precision temperature control systems for research and industry. Worldwide our products ensure precise and reproducible temperatures in laboratories, in pilot plants and in production. Our product programme offers environmentally-friendly solutions for temperature control tasks from -125 to 425 °C. Our customers all over the world benefit from numerous innovations that are the basis of our...

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Unistat – the original: high precision temperature control since 1989 Our mission High precision temperature control technology to make your work easier: that is our mission. Our temperature control technology makes work in research and industry easier and more efficient. This is our mission and our products and services follow this concept. Our products have proved themselves through experience and are recognised as technology leaders in the field of Temperature Control in experimental, research facilities and industrial production processes. A typical application is process temperature...

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Our services We develop, build and supply temperature control solutions from -125 to +425 °C for applications in all industries. Our products are used in countless market sectors and diverse applications where temperature control is a key part of the process. Advance with innovation Customer specific solutions Our awards from Top 100 as “Innovator of the Year“ and as “Craft enterprise of the Year“ emphasise that we are one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. Our expertise and abilities facilitate the design and build of special and customised units to address...

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f Unistats are quickly and easily filled and put into operation – thanks to their automatic functions for venting and degassing S Remote control made easy with the detachable controlle

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Our discipline: Temperature control Unistats are predestined for demanding temperature control applications in all industries Unistats embody responsive performance and fast dynamics for demanding applications. Our engineers recognise that process reliability is a primary concern in research and production. When you need the certainty that your temperature-dependent laboratory and production processes will run as intended and without compromise at any time, Unistats give you that reassuring feeling of being on the safe side. Unistats are circulators without a bath. This principle reduces...

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Environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient Our customers were the first to have the option to purchase environmentally friendly refrigeration systems capable of temperature control down to -125 °C. As the prohibition of CFCs came into force, there were already thousands of environmentally friendly Huber machines in operation. As a result whilst other manufactures were working to catch up in producing CFC free systems, we were able to concentrate on reducing energy requirements. Since the founding of the company, our focus has always been on the environment. One of the first corporate...

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Missions “Environment plus” First intelligent cooling circulator with cooling power adjustment and water cooled refrigeration with water saving energy management. First to convert to non CFC refrigerants. 7 years before the legal phase out. 2006 Cooling circulators with the option “natural refrigerant“ in accordance with the regulations of the global green house policy of F. HoffmannLa Roche AG. 2009 Environmental friendly cooling with CO2 refrigeration machines in accordance with the guidelines regarding the global green house policy of F. Hoffman-La Roche AG. Process heat coupling:...

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History and milestones The 50-year anniversary of Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau was celebrated in 2018. The anniversary year was devoted entirely to the founder and visionary Peter Huber. His innovation in refrigeration technology and the continuous development of the products have always shaped the company’s future! 1976 Market introduction of the Ministat®, the smallest cooling circulator in the world and the Variostat®. 1984 Foundation of the Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau GmbH. The five children of Peter Huber become shareholders. Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau was founded in 1968 by Mr....

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5 With innovations to the future 1989 Starting signal for the Unistat Tango®. The Unistat technology unites thermodynamics and micro-electronics and thus revolutionised the entire industry. Foundation of the Tango Club. In Switzerland, the legendary “Tango Club“ for active exchange of views is founded by 40 users of this revolutionary technology. Petite Fleur® The “small Tango” extends the Unistat range downwards and now enables a professional scale-up. Tango® Nuevo The advancement of the successful Unistat Tango sets new standards with “TAC” (True Adaptive Control) to continually and...

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We do not need to be the biggest, we want to be the best. Daniel Huber Innovations and awards We would like to measure ourselves against the best and continuously improve our performance – corporate competitions help us achieve this. “Innovator of the Year“, a grand award of medium-sized enterprises, “Trade Business of the Year“, “Top Employer“, the “Environmental Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg“ and an inclusion in the “Lexicon of German World Market Leaders“: these are the most recent successes we have won in various competitions. Every competition has its own focus: Innovation at...

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 Trade The craft company of the year 2015. Another great award and motivation for our team. Environmental award World market leader For companies in the state of Baden-Württemberg in the trade category for exemplary environmental policy. Included for the first time as specialist for high-precision temperature control technology in the “Lexicon of German Global Market Leaders”.  Award for medium-sized enterprices Award winner at the “Grand award for medium-sized enterprises” 2016. Awarded as finalist in 2015.  Top employer Repeated award in 2017. The employees enjoy a comfortable and...

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