Ruiyi Opacity Meter Gasboard 6010


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GASBOARD 6010 opacity meter is used to measure the diesel exhaust smoke by the introduction of a proportion of the vehicle exhaust gasses into the smoke check chamber via a sample probe. It is equipped with a gas temperature, pressure valve and distribution control cell in order to ensure accuracy and repeatability. It can measure the complete opacity spectrum from 0-100% in either continuous or free acceleration test. General Features: -- Free accelerative and transient state measurement of opacity for diesel engine. -- Display of Smoke opacity degree and Light absorption coefficient. -- Partial flow technology to keep optic system from pollution, -constant temperature control for detection cell. -Auto-zero calibration with fresh air -Apparatus performance accord with requirement of ISO11614 and GB3847-2005. -- RS232 interface -Oil temperature and RPM interface(optional) Specifications: -- Measurement range: Opacity degree N: 0 ~ 100%, Light absorption coefficient k: 0 ~ 30m-1 - Resolution: N: 0.1%, K: 0.01%, - Error: ±2.0% - Power:AC220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz --weight: display: 5kg, detection: 7kg -- Dimension: Display:260mm(W) X450mm(L)X180mm(H) Opacity meter: 460mm(L) X 230mm(W) X 465mm(H)

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