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On line rack type Gasboard-3100 Syngas Analyser Applications □Coal chemical process □Steel making process as ■ Blast furnace ■ Converter ■ Coking ■ Direct iron ore smelting reduction processes □Coal or Biomass gasification □Others Syngas (from synthesis gas) is the name given to a gas mixture that contains varying amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2). Syngas production methods include steam reforming of natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons to produce hydrogen, the gasification of coal, biomass or Plasma gasification process (produces rich syngas including H2 and CO) Standard measuring ranges* * Other range available on request

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GAS 3100 R 19''-3U Analyzer General Features •Proprietary infrared dual beam NDIR detectors for CH4, CnHm, CO and CO2 •Proprietary thermal conductivity detector for H2 •Industrial galvanic fuel cell for O2 (0-25%) •Calculation and display of the BTU index (gas calorific value, only with SYNGAS analysers) •LCD display (240 x 128) with backlit function •Keyboard interface for configuration and calibration •1x 4-20mA analogue output per measuring channel •2 alarm relays per measuring channel, with 2 freely configurable gas alarm levels •RS232 serial COM port (for real time data download to...

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Professional online gas analysis systems for continuous monitoring of Biomass and coal gasification processes Gas analysis systems are the best tooling to help you: □to check whether the gas is still being produced to decide when the land can be reclaimed. □to check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process. □To continuously monitor the efficiency of H2S scrubber installations 3.2 Gas route installation 3.2.1<3as analysts layout' Analysis cabinet sampling tube Bypass vent

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GAS3100 Syngas Analyser continuously monitoring system Analysis cabinet 5 or 6-gas analyzer for Biomass and Coal gasification process monitoring Symbol Measuring principle Range1 Resolution Accuracy Carbon monoxide CO Hydrocarbons CnHm ±2% FS ± 2% FS ± 2% FS ± 2% FS ± 2% FS ± 2% FS

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Floor standing instrumentation cabinet with basic equipments Heavy industrial instrumentation cabinet for indoor installation1Mechanical specifications • Dimensions : height 1.200mm x width 600mm x depth 600 mm (without PLC control module) • height 1.600mm x width 600mm x depth 600 mm (with PLC control module) •Weight = approx. 165 kg (with instrumentation) • Ingress protection : IP54 •Metal plate thickness: 2 mm •Glass thickness front door: 5 mm •Colour: RAL 7032 Environmental operation conditions •Temperature : +5 ° C to + 45 ° C (indoor installation) -25 ° C to +45 ° C (with...

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Optional gas conditioning system for biomass/syngas applications Special designed gas conditioning system for biomass/syngas applications A critical issue with biomass and coal gasification processes is the presence of tar and dust in the process gas. These are usually removed by the client but it can occur that some remaining quantities need to be eliminated at the level of the gas analysis system. For these applications we have designed a special gas conditioning system consisting in dust and soot/tars pre-filtration unit with bubbler, filters, water collectors, peristaltic pumps, manual...

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•Electronic •Filter FIT1 dehumidifier CG (Gas condenser/Gas cooler) Gas sampling pump PUM Product description: KNF gas pump model N86KTE 230VAC-50Hz / 0,65A / 3000 rpm / Pmax. 2,5 bar. Technical specifications: See data sheet in attachment Functions: 1° to extract the process gas from the sample point and transfer it with a high flow to the gas analysis system FT1 coalescing filter Product description: Coalescing filter STNC model TF4000-03 with PTFE filter element 3μm filtration grade. Technical specifications: See data sheet in attachment Function: This filter makes the separation of...

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Bypass flow meter LJ Product description: 10L/min glass flow meter, connected to the by-pass. Function: This flow meter allows the sample gas that is pumped from the process by the gas sampling pump to flow into the system at a higher flow rate (generally 2-3L/min) than the requested flow needed for the gas analysis (1L/min); this in order to shorten the gas transfer time from the process to the gas analyzer and ensure a real-time measurement; the gas overflow is directed to the by-pass and vented out. Drying filter TS Product description: Quartz glass tube Ø 50*400mm filled with calcium...

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5.4 Replacement of the Activated Carbon of HXT filter •The aim of the activated carbon filter is to absorb the residual micro-impurities in the sample gas after the gas has been washed in the gas bubbler. When the activated carbon is saturated, the filter needs to be emptied and refilled with new activated carbon material. •In normal operation the refilling frequency is each month. Precision filter FT2 Product description: JANAPO precision filter, body material PTFE, glass bowl, 2x PVDF OD6-1/4" NPT connector, with filter element ref. JFF075, ceramic, length: 75mm, accuracy: 0.1μm With...

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