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HONSEL battery riveters New tools. New colour. New names. With the merger of the companies into the HONSEL Group, the familiar Rivdom and RivSmart battery riveters have not only been given a new look – the range has been completely restructured and expanded to include the Rivdom eBZ1 for blind rivets up to 5.0 mm and the Rivdom eVNG2 for blind rivet nuts and bolts. Detailed information on the possibilities of automation technology and process monitoring can be found in the catalogue for industrial and automotive solutions or on our website

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Battery riveters NEXT GENERTION BATTERY RIVETERS HONSEL. Riveting expertise since 1930. Over 10 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of modern battery riveting technology. Extremely lightweight. For blind rivets up to 4.0 mm. u on page 132 The new standard for blind rivets up to 5.0 mm. u on page 134 Particularly powerful and efficient. For blind rivets from 4.8 to 6.4 mm. Optimised for high-strength blind rivets! u on page 136 Impressive. Perfected. For high-strength blind rivets with grooved mandrel up to 8.0 mm diameter. u on page 52 Uncompromisingly tough. Small....

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HONSEL battery riveters Configuration details for ALL. HONSEL battery riveters of the new eBZ and eVNG generation all come with a wide range of features and functions. Look for the configuration details on the individual tools! There you will also find the right spare parts and useful accessories. Information on extended front sleeves and retention nosepieces can also be found on u Seite 50. Further special nosepieces and accessories are also available from stock. Brushless, low-wear motors High-quality RivdomPLUS battery system Individual return setting LED light Rotary trigger Rubberised...

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Family facts Individual return mode setting* When using manual return mode, the trigger has to remain pressed until the rivet is sheared. When the trigger is released, the tool moves back to the front starting position. In addition, Rivdom and RivSmart eBZ tools offer an automatic return mode. Here the trigger merely has to be pressed slightly to start the automatic setting process. Immediately after the drop in the measured force with the shearing of the rivet mandrel, the tool moves back automatically to the starting position to keep the riveting cycle as short as possible. * not for...

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