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Pipe and Installation Tools - 2

Wall Chaser A blade (single teeth) HL- Product Description • For installation of electric wires, pipes into the wall. • 5-10 times quicker comparing to normal wall slot cutting tool. • High-precision driving parts guarantee steady performance in rough applications. • Cutting speed can reach up to 2 meters/minute with red brick wall and 1 meter/minute in brick wall with cement covered. Specifications • Motor: Universal 1450W, 230-240V_50 Hz/110V_60Hz • No-load speed: 1800RPM • Grooving width: A(15-25mm) B(25-40MM) • Maximum grooving depth: A(25mm) B(35MM) • Package size: 45x42x32CM/2pcs •...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 3

Wall Chaser Specifications • Motor: Universal 3500W, 220-240V(AC) /50Hz • No-load speed: 8500RPM • Grooving width: 2.5-40mm(there are totally 8 pcs of blades, if worked with 1 pc of blade, it is 2.5mm, if 8 pcs, it could be 40mm) • Grooving depth: 20-40mm adjustable • Diamond disk size:115mm x 022 x 2mm • 1002 standard includes water cooling part. • Packing model: BMC Features • Suitable for air brick, red brick and cement-covered walls, focus-on reinforced concrete walls. • Cutting tool: diamond disk. • The 1002 wall chaser feautures an infrared light for pvecise working. • The cutting...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 4

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS Wall Chaser Specifications • Motor: Universal 4800W, 220V-50-60Hz • Rated Speed: 5000r/min • Grooving Width: 3.0-40mm • Grooving Depth: 20-40mm • Diamond Blade Size: 156mm* 022.2* 2.5mm) • Gross weight: 12.5kg • Packing Model: BMC, 56*30*28cm /set • GS / ROHS /CE /EMC certified Features • The wall chaser 1003 can work with 1 pc to 7pcs of diamond cutting blades. One set of the machine is standard with 5 pcs of diamond blades. Grooving is adjustable and flexible. • The wall chaser is suitable for both dry and wet grooving! The machine comes with water pump. • The...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 5

Hand Test Pump Product Description • Reliable and precise measurement results : the double valve system of the RP50S allows the self-test of the pump as well as a precise fine adjustment of pressure. • Robust precision testing pump for pressure testing of water lines and containers up to 60ba r with very high testing standards. • Pressure testing with water or oil of piping in residential and industrial construction, as well as for industrial containers. Expansion possible with an extra fine scaling pressure gauge (0.1 bar)for testing up to 16 bars. • A drag indicators displays the preset...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 6

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS Product Description • For quick and exact compression testing. • For testing of leaks in installations, especially for use in heating, compressed air, refrigeration systems, oil installations, sprinkler systems and other small bore pipe applications. Specifications • Model: RP50 • Testing range: 0-60bar( 860psi, 6Mpa ) • Tank capacity: 12L • Volume/stroke: ~45ml • Connections: 1/2" BSPP • Valve material: Aluminum • Tank material: steel • Hollow handle • Accessories: pressure hose, pressure gauge, seal set Specifications • Model: HSY30-5 • Testing range: 0-60bar(...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 7

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS DSY60A Product Description • Suitable for water or hydraulic oil as medium, for all kinds of pressure vessel, pipe, valves, pressure test, etc. Also used for the hydraulic energy, provide the required pressure, suitable for chemical industry, building, water, oil, coal, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries. • With compact reasonable structure, the test pump is easy to operate, and light weight for carry. • Convenient maintenance, DSY-series electric test pump is driven by motor, greatly improving work efficiency. Specifications • Model: DSY60 • Testing...

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 8

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS Pipe Stands A-Ball Transfer Head B-Ball Transfer Head Product Description • The heavy-duty adjustable pipe stands are available in many applications with capacity from 1/8”-12” (3mm-300mm); suitable for use with threading machine, roll groovers, etc. V Head Pipe Stands Catalog No. Height Adjustment Low-High V Head High Pipe Stand V Head Low Pipe Stand Roller Head Pipe Stand Catalog No. Height Adjustment Low-High Roller Head Pipe Stand Ball Transfer Head Catalog No. Ball Transfer Head only Ball Transfer Head only

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 9

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS Product Description • 1107X and 1109X are the more heavy-duty adjustable pipe stands which are upgraded from 1107 and 1109. The screw-like elevator tube and thicker lock ring bring more higher Max. Loading Weight capacity for the stands to make them suitable for supporting more heavy pipes or solid bars safely. V Head Pipe Stands

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 10

Hinged Pipe Cutters Product Description • Designed for rapid cutting of 1'' through 8'' steel pipe, heavy-wall steel pipe and cast-iron pipe. • The cutters operate with minimal cutter rotation (90-110 degree) as necessary for tight quarters. • During cutting operation, there is no sparks, serving jobs with such special requirements. • Portable and light weight, easy for transportation. • Suitable to cut steel pipe, cast iron Pipe, galvanized pipe, ductile iron pipe and black iron pipe, stainless steel pipe. Ordering Information

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Pipe and Installation Tools - 11

PIPE AND INSTALLATION TOOLS Model H14S Pipe Cutter H14S Low Clearance Rotary Cutter • The low profile design of H14S cutter needs only 5 inch (127 mm) clearance for up to 14 inch pipe diameter. • Safe, clean, straight cuts are easy with these manual-operated cutters. • Cold cut large diameter steel, stainless steel pipe in close quarters. • H14S cutter is supplied with a slip-on handle that is used to turn and tighten the cutter. • With good leverage from the tool's long handle, pipe snaps off squarely before the cutter wheels penetrate halfway through the pipe. • Provides a square cut and...

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