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Valves and butterfly valves - 8 Pages

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Valves and butterfly valves

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Industrial & Commercial Thermal Valves and butterfly valves

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Solenoid valves for gas VAS, double solenoid valves VCS Solenoid valves for gas VAS and double solenoid valves VCS for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. For use in gas control and safety systems in all sectors of the iron, steel, glass and ceramics industries, also in commercial heat generation, such as the packaging, paper and foodstuffs industries. For gas and air Size: 1 to 9 DN: 10 to 125 Connection: thread or flange Max. inlet pressure pu: 500 mbar (197" WC) Quick opening, quick closing or slow opening, quick closing Mains voltage:...

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Solenoid valves for gas VGP Gas solenoid valves VGP for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. For use in gas control and safety systems in industrial and commercial heat generation, such as the foodstuffs and ceramics industries. For gas and air DN: 10 to 25 Connection: thread Max. inlet pressure pu: 150 or 200 mbar (59.1 or 78.7 "WC) Quick opening, quick closing Mains voltage: 120 V AC or 230 V AC Electrical connection: rectifier adapter with standard socket « d$ER[ Solenoid valves for gas VG Gas solenoid valves VG for safeguarding,...

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Motorized valves for gas VK For safeguarding, controlling and regulating the gas and airsupply to gas burners and gas appliances, including two-stage operation. TheVK..X version is recommended for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas e.g. in paint factories, paint shops, refineries, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, waste dumps (landfill sites) and gas/oil delivery lines, etc. For gas and air VK..Z for two-stage operation VK..G with GGG 40 housing for steam boilers, open air or landfill systems VK..H with stronger drives for higher pressures VK..X in explosion-proof design for Zone 1 and...

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Butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH, BVHS The butterfly valves BVG, BVA, BVH and BVHS are designed to adjust volumes of gas, cold and hot air and flue gas on various appliances and flue gas lines. They are designed for control ratios up to 1:10, and with the mounted actuator IC 20 or IC 40 they are suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes. BVG,BVA Butterfly valves with reduced nominal diameter (reduced by one or two nominal sizes) can be used to achieve higher control accuracy. This will mean that complex reducing fittings...

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Actuators IC 20, IC 40 The actuators IC 20 and IC 40 are designed for all applications that require precise, controlled rotary movement between 0° and 90°. They can be mounted directly onto the butterfly valves BVG, BVA or BVH in order to control the gas and air flow rates on gas burners. They are designed for control ratios up to 1:10. An optional integrated feedback potentiometer offers the option of monitoring the current position of the actuator. This checking function can be used in automation processes. IC 20 IC 20 is used for basic applications. It is controlled by a continuous...

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Linear flow control with actuator IFC The linear flow control is designed to adjust volumes of gas and cold air on various appliances. It is designed for control ratios up to 1:25, and with the mounted actuator IC 20 or IC 40 it is suitable for regulating flow rates for modula-ting-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes. Size: 1 DN: 10 to 25 Connection: thread Max. inlet pressure pu: 500 mbar Mains voltage: 120 V AC or 230 V AC Controlled by three-point step signal, continuous signal or two-point signal The following versions are available: Linear flow controls with...

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Mains voltage V = standard, O = available; 1 no double-cone olive Contact ^ Process Heat ^ Sales Elster GmbH Strotheweg 1 ■ 49504 Lotte (Buren) Germany Tel. +49 541 1214-0 We reserve the right to make technical modifications in the interests of progress. Copyright © 2016 Elster GmbH All rights reserved. Honeywell &£der

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