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UV sensor for continuous operation UVD - 4 Pages

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UV sensor for continuous operation UVD

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UV sensors for continuous operation UVD 1, UVD 2 Product brochure · GB 8.2.2 Edition 07.08 • Enhanced availability thanks to adjustable flame sensitivity • Virtually interference-immune operation owing to insensitivity to daylight, infrared radiation and incandescent bulbs • Easy operation with LED display of operating states • Fail-safe software and hardware

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2 · UVD 1, UVD 2 · Edition 07.08 UVD for monitoring gas burners in continuous operation Roller hearth kiln Application For monitoring gas burners of unlimited capacity with or without fan, on hot-air furnaces, gas-fired boilers, industrial furnaces and excess-gas flaring installations in continuous operation. The burners can either be ignited directly or operated as pilot and main burners. UVS 1 for flame control only in conjunction with Kromschröder automatic burner control units BCU 370..U1, BCU 460..U, BCU 480..U or PFU..U for continuous UV control. UVD 2 with floating switching contact...

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UVD 1, UVD 2 · Edition 07.08 · 3 Example applications BCU 460..U ϑ L1 19/20 4 18 3 17 9 12 V1 VG..L 16 GIK UVD 1 BIO BIC DK+GT M ϑ 24 V mA UVD 1 In conjunction with automatic burner control units BCU 370..U1, BCU 460..U, BCU 480..U or PFU..U, the UVD 1 monitors gas burners in continuous operation. PFU 760..U 2e 10e 4e 10c 16c V1 2c 28c 26a 4c mA TZI VG..L GIK UVD 1 BIO BIC DK+GT M UVD 2 If the burner is controlled by a fail-safe PLC, UVD 2 can be used for flame control. It features a switching contact which closes as soon as the UV sensor detects a flame. SPS PLC CPE UVD 2

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4 · UVD 1, UVD 2 · Edition 07.08 Technical data Certification UVD 1, UVD 2 Spectral sensitivity: 185 – 260 nm. Supply voltage: 24 V DC, ±20 %, approx. 5 W. Current output: 0 – 20 mA, Load impedance: max. 150 Ω. Enclosure: IP 65 (with mounted housing cover only). Fuses in unit: F1: 0.315 A, slow-acting, miniature fuse pursuant to IEC 60127-3/4; Electrical connection: 1 mm². Viewing tube connection: Rp 1¼. Purge air connection: Rp ½. UV sensors UVD 1 and UVD 2 comply with the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and the standard EN 298. Maintenance cycles Service life...

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