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Honeywell THE POWER OF CONNECTED Thermal Solutions COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS For the most complex thermal process applications

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In 2016, the paint on 15 million cars in China was dried with Honeywell Thermal Solutions equipment. 2 out of every 3 beers poured in Thailand come from bottles molded by Honeywell Thermal Solutions equipment. 90% of aircraft engines in Asia feature special alloys produced on Honeywell Thermal Solutions equipment. Coffee roasters around the world depend on Honeywell Thermal Solutions burners for precision and consistency.

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At Honeywell, we help customers maximize the productivity and efficiency of their thermal processes by providing safer, more reliable, more energy efficient solutions for commercial to heavy industrial applications. With a strong track record of high-quality performance and proven application success, Honeywell Thermal Solutions helps ensure maximum productivity and uptime while reducing installation and maintenance costs. Our portfolio is more robust than ever, and includes an extensive, versatile and innovative range of solutions based on decades of industry leadership and R&D investment....

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One Global Partner For Any Thermal Process Application Featuring the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of proven thermal process solutions, Honeywell Thermal Solutions helps customers all over the world deliver heat efficiently, accurately and safely. We provide everything from products and engineered-to-order systems to post-install training and service for applications ranging from commercial to heavy industrial and everything in between – virtually anywhere you do business. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT. LOCAL FOCUS. Honeywell Thermal Solutions has the largest installed base of burners, valves,...

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Connectivity Is Key In a highly competitive global marketplace, industrial organizations increasingly seek digital intelligence to manage and operate hundreds or thousands of assets, from a single site or across an enterprise, to meet critical operating demands. Honeywell has developed innovative connected solutions to address this development: THERMAL IQ™ FOR REMOTE PROCESS AND EQUIPMENT MONITORING Thermal IQ™ is a cyber-secure offering designed to connect thermal process equipment to the Honeywell cloud, making critical thermal process data available anytime, so users can optimize...

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Burner Management Systems Burner management is the safe sequencing of burner fuel delivery, flame safety, fuel air ratio and limit operation. Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers an extensive range of process burner management control offerings and solutions – across commercial and industrial applications. With a proven history of safety, performance and reliability, we leverage the latest forward-thinking technologies to meet virtually any customer need. COMBUSTION CONTROLS SLATE™ Integrated Combustion Management The SOLA boiler control platform is The Honeywell SLATE Combustion based...

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SmartFire, SmartLink Meter, SmartLink MRV FUEL/AIR SmartLink DS Actuators SmartFire, SmartLink Meter, Recognized globally for precision and The ControLinks fuel/air ratio control accuracy, the SmartLink DS is a certified safety controller used to control the position fuel/air control system while control solution for full modulation, flow of air, gas, and fluids with precision the SmartFire with the SmartLink Meter is a turnkey, mass flow fuel/air ratio single-burner applications. It replaces used with the SLATE system or with any control system for use with natural gas traditional,...

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Thermal Solutions - 8

Thermal transfer directs the application of heat in a variety of processes to facilitate the manufacturing of goods. Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers the most comprehensive selection of burners and thermal process systems in the industry. Our unique, sophisticated solutions provide efficient heat delivery while also meeting stringent low-emissions requirements. Every one of our burners is backed by a global team of combustion engineers to ensure your success, making Honeywell Thermal Solutions a smart choice that delivers value, reliability and performance for your thermal transfer needs.

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LINE BURNERS Provide clean, reliable, uniform heat over a wide area to ensure the highest product quality and most efficient operation. • AH-MA • AirHeat V1 • AirHeat V2 • APX • Combustifume • FlueFire • HC AIRFLO • LV AIRFLO • NP-LE AIRFLO • NP-RG AIRFLO • RadMax • RatioStar LINE BURNERS - Low Emission Provide clean, reliable, uniform heat over a wide area while helping you meet the most stringent emissions regulations. • CROSSFIRE • Linnox • Minnox SINGLE BURNERS Designed for applications that typically require only one burner per chamber, while offering robust, reliable heat in a...

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Fuel Delivery Fuel delivery is the accurate delivery of fuel at the optimal pressure, temperature and flow – within safe operating conditions. Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers fuel delivery solutions for commercial and industrial applications, with a full valve portfolio that includes mechanical valves, safety shut-off valves and control valves, plus intelligent valves that deliver a distinctive competitive advantage. With a proven history of safety and performance, our comprehensive range of products and piping systems meet most global and regional requirements. Diaphragm Gas Valves...

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Solutions & Service Our solutions and service offering helps improve facility operations through on-site audits, complete engineered-to-order systems, and service and maintenance. In addition to best-in-class products and systems, Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers a full suite of services to help you and your customers create the best system solution for every combustion application need. Our engineers have deep technical know-how, enabling us to provide systems that are compliant with all codes and standards – so you can focus on your enterprise and confidently leave the rest to us....

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