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IMPROVE VISIBILITY. UNLEASH PRODUCTIVITY. In most thermal process systems, performance data gets trapped down at the equipment level. To grab a reading or catch alerts, you’ve got to be there, and stay there. That’s impractical and unproductive. BUT WHAT IF YOU COULD... View and share data before you get to the equipment? Get real-time alerts when parameters exceed limits? Track historical data to see when and why issues occurred? ELEVATE YOUR THERMAL INSIGHT QUOTIENT WITH THERMAL IQ. Developed by the thermal process experts, Honeywell Thermal IQ is a remote monitoring solution that...

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GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION, IN THE RIGHT HANDS, Connect everyone from management to maintenance with insights that drive smarter decisions. Stop waiting for faults and failures that can lead to shutdowns - get ahead of trouble and maximize uptime. SEE EVERYTHING WITHOUT BEING EVERYWHERE. Elevate your thermal insight quotient with real-time, actionable data that helps you run smarter. View system-wide data for each piece of connected thermal process equipment and share it up the management chain - to make better process decisions. See information such as: • Process temperature • Combustion...

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TRANSFORM YOUR COMBUSTION VISIBILITY WITH HONEYWELL THERMAL IQ. Thermal IQ makes combustion another crucial connection point in Honeywell’s overall Connected Plant portfolio, helping you run a smarter, safer facility. Insight above. Performance beyond. Visit to learn more. For more information The Honeyweii Thermal Solutions family of products includes Honeywell Combustion Controls, Honeywell Combustion Safety, Honeywell Combustion Service, Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschroder and Maxon. To learn more about our products, visit...

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