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Product range - 1 Product range Components and systems for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases Components and systems for heating control Edition 11.08 · GB

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2 · Product range · Edition 11.08 Manual valves and filters Manual valves for manual shut-off, for gas, air and water. Also manual valves with thermal equipment trip Gas filters for cleaning gas and air Pressure regulators Pressure regulators to maintain a constant set outlet pressure pa despite changing gas flow rates Air/gas ratio controls and variable air/gas ratio controls to maintain a constant gas/air ratio Safety shut-off valves and safety relief valves for securing downstream fittings against excess gas pressure Valves and butterfly valves Gas solenoid and motorised valves for...

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Product range - 3

Product range · Edition 11.08 · 3 Ignition and monitoring components Ignition transformers, enclosed or non-enclosed, for high-voltage spark ignition of gas or oil burners UV sensors for monitoring gas burners in conjunction with flame detectors and automatic burner control units, for continuous or intermittent operation Thermo-electric safety devices for igniting and monitoring all types of gasfired installations independently of the mains power supply Heating control Comfort Controls Analogue and digital heating controllers for weather- and room temperature-dependent boiler or flow...

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Product range - 4

03250308 IVD. 10.08 2.000 Elster GmbH Postfach 2809 · 49018 Osnabrück Strotheweg 1 · 49504 Lotte (Büren) Germany T +49 541 1214-0 F +49 541 1214-370 Elster GmbH Geschäftssegment Comfort Controls Kuhbrückenstraße 2 – 4 31785 Hameln Germany T +49 5151 9572-0 F +49 5151 9572-100 Kromschröder, a product brand of the Elster Group Copyright © 2007 Elster Group Further information about our products can be found at All rights reserved. About Elster Group A world...

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