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Pressure switches for gas DG


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Pressure switches for gas DG - 1

Pressure switch for gas • Monitoring of gas and air pressures (positive, negative and differential pressures) • Certified for systems up to SIL 3 and PL e • With approved isolating amplifier for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas • EU certified pursuant to EN 1854 and class “S” • DG..S: special version available for NH3 and O2 Product brochure ■ GB 4 Edition 09.16

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Pressure switches for gas DG - 2

With fitted socket pursuant to DIN EN175301-803 Hand wheel with "WC and mbar scale. NPTconduit for electrical connection. The gas pressure switch DG monitors extremely low pressure differentials and triggers switch-on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set switching point is reached. The switching point is adjustable via a hand wheel. It monitors positive and negative gas pressures on various industrial gas and air appliances, such as boiler fan monitoring and differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and airconditioning systems. The TUV-tested special-design pressure...

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Pressure switches for gas DG - 3

Systems leak tightness check Low-pressure cut-off and high gas pressure protection device Negative pressure monitoring Electronic safety shut-off valve SAV with closed position check of downstream devices. If the pressure is either too low or too high, the min./max. pressure switch DG (PZL/PZH) switches in order to avoid start-up or to initiate a safety shut-down. Monitoring the negative pressure ensures the correct positioning of the components during fully automatic assembly of gas meters. Air line with minimum pressure and flow monitoring The air flow generated by the fan may be...

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Pressure switches for gas DG - 4

Technical data Gas type: natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), flue gas, biologically produced methane (max. 0.1 %-by-vol. H2S) and air. DG: max. inlet pressure pmax = withstand pressure, see TI DG, Max. test pressure for testing the entire system: temporarily < 15 minutes 2 bar (29 psig). Storage and transport temperature: DG, DG..T: -20 to +40 °C (-4 to 104 °F). Diaphragm pressure switch, silicone-free. Diaphragm: NBR for DG..U, B, N, H, I, IIR for DG..S. Housing: glass fibre reinforced PBT plastic with low gas release. Switching capacity: Lower housing section: AlSi 12. Safety class: 1....

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