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Thermal equipment trip TAS Manual valve with thermal equipment trip AKT..TAS Product brochure · GB 1.1.2 Edition 09.08 • Isolate the gas pipeline in the event of a fire • High thermal capacity • AKT..TAS: two fittings in one housing • DIN-DVGW tested and registered

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2 · TAS, AKT..TAS · Edition 09.08 TAS: The thermal equipment trip shuts off pipelines safely up to 650°C. TAS Application Thermal equipment trips can be used in industrial and commercial installations, upstream of gas inlet systems, at gas cooker points, instantaneous water heaters and gas boilers. In the event of fire, they isolate the gas pipeline and provide long-term protection against the uncontrolled escape of gas and a potential explosion. Valves AKT..TAS and TAS can be used pursuant to the German Firing System Directive and TRGI 86/96 (DVGW Code of Practice G 600). AKT..TAS...

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TAS, AKT..TAS · Edition 09.08 · 3 Examples of application When a thermal equipment trip TAS or a manual valve with thermal equipment trip AKT..TAS (pursuant to TRGI) is installed, the gas safety system features enhanced fire protection. Gas pressure control and (measurement) system with TAS If the ambient temperature increases to more than 95°C in the gas pressure control and (measurement) system, the thermal equipment trip TAS trips and shuts off the gas supply safely. In the application kitchen safety equipment with AKT..R10TAS/AKT..R40TAS and main gas shut-off device with AKT..F50TAS,...

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TAS, AKT..TAS · Edition 09.08 · 4 Technical data Types of gas: natural gas, town gas and LPG (gaseous). Fuel gases in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice G 260. Thermally controlled tripping at: 95°C, +/-5°C. Closing time: 60 s. Duration of seal (HTB): minimum 60 minutes at 650°C. Leakage: 30 l/h (at a test air pressure of 4 bar). Ambient temperature: -20 – +60°C. Thermal equipment trip TAS In acc. with DIN 3586. Inlet connection: Rp internal thread to ISO 7-1, PN 16 flanged connection to ISO 7005. Outlet connection: Rp internal thread and R external thread to ISO 7-1, PN 16 flanged...

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Order example Code Description TAS Thermal equipment trip Nominal diameter AA Suitable for biologically produced methane * If the TAS installation set {available on request! is being used, the thermal equipment trips TAS..F meet the high thermal capacity requirements for inlet pressures of up to a max. of 16 bar

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6 · TAS, AKT..TAS · Edition 09.08 Selection table AKT..TAS Typ 15 20 AKT..R10 AKT..R40 25 AKT..F50 32 40 50 Type code AKT..TAS Code AKT 15 … 150 R F 10 40 50** TAS 65 80 100 125 150 R F 10 40 50** TAS Order example AKT 50R40TAS Description Manual valve Nominal diameter Rp internal thread to ISO 7-1 PN 16 flanged connection to ISO 7005 Max. inlet pressure pe max./ Max. operating pressure (GT*) with thermal capacity up to 650°C: 5 bar/1 bar (GT) 4 bar/4 bar (GT) 5 bar/5 bar (GT)** Integrated thermal equipment trip * Gas temperature resistance = GT ** If the TAS installation set (available on...

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