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Gas pressure regulators J78R, 60DJ Z Product brochure · GB Edition 10.09 • Pressure regulators for gaseous media for installation in all types of gas appliances • Inlet pressure compensation diaphragm in J78R ensures high control accuracy • Breather line is not required • EC type-tested and certified

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2 · J78R, 60DJ Z · Edition 10.09 Application 60DJ Z is primarily used on pilot burners J78R for use in gas trains, for example For controlling the pressure of the gas or air supply to gas burners and gas appliances. An optional connection for pilot gas lines or pressure test points is available for the inlet of the J78R. The pressure regulators comply with the requirements of EN 88, Class A, Group 2. VBY J78R Measuring connection with screw plug Rp 1/8 at the inlet on the right-hand side (option). Pilot burner control VAG GEH AKT EKO 60DJ Z BIC GEH 60DJ LZ Examples of application GEH...

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