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Magnetic relief valves VAN


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Magnetic relief valves VAN - 1

En[ C€ Magnetic relief valve • Open when de-energized • Connection flanges for pipes up to DN 50 • Suitable for a maximum inlet pressure of 500 mbar (7 psig) • Space-saving installation thanks to compact dimensions • Quick closing, quick opening • Check indication by blue LED • Closed position switch with visual position indicator Product brochure ■ GB 3 Edition 05.17

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Magnetic relief valves VAN - 2

The magnetic relief valve VAN is designed to monitor gas valves for tightness used in conjunction with a visual discharge unit. It enables the purging of excess or leakage gas. The magnetic relief valve VAN is open when it is de-energized. The VAN..S, VAN..G is fitted with a closed position switch with a visual position indicator. It is indicated whether the magnetic relief valve is open or closed. Forging furnace Roller hearth furnace Magnetic relief valve VAN on the double solenoid valve VCS

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Magnetic relief valves VAN - 3

Application examples Relief valve with two gas solenoid valves and tightness control Whenever no hydrogen is needed for the annealing process (e.g. in the case of an annealing bell), the gas solenoid valves VAS and the magnetic relief valve VAN are disconnected from the electrical power supply. The VAN opens. Under high pressure, nitrogen can now get between the two gas solenoid valves VAS. This prevents hydrogen from flowing into the furnace. Replacement possibilities VAN 15 -40/32 is to be replaced by VAN 110-250. Flow rate Tightness control TC 2 checks the gas solenoid valves VAS and the...

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Magnetic relief valves VAN - 4

Power consumption: .* Limited to max. 200,000 cycles for heating systems Long-term use in the upper ambient temperature range accelerates the ageing of the elasto mer materials and reduces the service life (please contact manufacturer). Safety valve: Class A, Group 2 pursuant to EN 13611 and EN 161. Mains voltage: 230 V AC, +10/-15%, 50/60 Hz; 200 V AC, +10/-15%, 50/60 Hz; 120 V AC, +10/-15%, 50/60 Hz; 100 V AC, +10/-15%, 50/60 Hz; 24 V DC, ±20%. Cable gland: M20 x 1.5. Electrical connection: cable with max. 2.5 mm2 (AWG 12) or plug with socket to EN 175301-803. Technical Information...

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