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Thermal Solutions engineered to order End-to-end solutions and services to meet your thermal process requirements

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Engineered to Order (ETO) Safe, efficient, clean and reliable operations are key requirements in today’s thermal process industries. Production and process systems have to deliver value by operating in the smartest, most efficient manner possible. Facility owners/operators need to minimize unplanned downtime and improve productivity, and as such, thermal process operation solutions must deliver the highest levels of performance and safety. This demands superior technology, expert application engineering, and complete support over the life of equipment assets.

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Dealing With Today’s Demands in today’s business environment, industrial organizations are seeking to operate with maximum productivity, availability and profitability under increasingly difficult constraints. Critical equipment such as burners, burner management systems, fuel delivery systems, and safety devices must function reliably in every application, all the time. Failures and downtime create unexpected costs, limit throughput and increase the probability of serious health, safety and environmental incidents. Modern thermal processing operations face a number of specific...

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Performance And Safety Are Priorities Safety is an important aspect when it comes to thermal processes. Thermal process control is currently monitored via codes and standards such as EN, ISO, NFPA and CSA. However, adoption of new IEC and ISA standards for safety integrity level (SIL) performance ratings is gaining acceptance in the market, The demand for turnkey custom thermal process solutions is on the rise, Maintaining your own skilled workforce with knowledge of complex heating processes, as well as the fast-changing world of technology and codes and standards, is becoming difficult -...

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Solutions Tailored To Your Application I Honeywell delivers complete, tailor-made thermal process solutions - from fuel delivery and thermal transfer, to burner management and engineering services - in one complete Engineered to Order offering. Our approach is intended to minimize engineering effort and expense, minimize risk, and reduce commissioning time and total cost of ownership, while ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory standards, worldwide. in a highly competitive global marketplace, industrial organizations increasingly seek digital intelligence to manage and...

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Concept & Quote: A Honeywell sales representative will work with you to discuss your needs. Supported by our expert application engineering team, you get a solution with detailed project costs and delivery estimates, Schedule: Our engineering team will manage your project from kick-off to commissioning, and is responsbile for applying performance and safety related aspects, Approve and Finalize: You will review, approve and formally sign off on the proposal, Following approval, we will finalize the build prints and initiate production, Build & Test: Our experienced staff will build...

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Safe, efficient, clean and reliable operations are key requirements in today’s thermal process industries. Production and process systems have to deliver value by operating in the smartest, most efficient manner possible. Wide Spectrum Of Applications: • Process Heaters • Heat Recovery Systems • Heat Treating/Metal Finishing • Ovens – Baking, Heating, Drying, Curing • Thermal Oxidizers • Make-up Air • Dryers • Furnaces • Heaters • Boilers – Water, Steam • Kilns • Spray Dryers • Water and Wastewa

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For more information The Honeywell Thermal Solutions family of products includes Honeywell Combustion Controls, Honeywell Combustion Safety, Honeywell Combustion Service, Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschroder and Maxon. To learn more about our Engineered to Order solutions, visit or contact your Honeywell Sales Engineer. Honeywell Process Solutions Honeywell Thermal Solutions (HTS) 201 East 18th Street, P.O. Box 2068 Muncie, IN 47307-0068, USA 1665 Elmwood Rd. Rockford, IL 61103, USA Strotheweg 1 49504 Lotte, Germany Luchthavenlaan 16 1800 Vilvoorde,...

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