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Air/gas ratio controls GIK Product brochure · GB 2 Edition 07.12 • To maintain a constant gas/air mixture • For continuous and staged burner control • Design with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm ensures high control accuracy • Wide control range • EC type-tested and certified • Certified by Gosstandart pursuant to GOST-TR

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GIK - 2

Technical data Gas types: natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous) and biologically produced methane (max. 0.02 %-by-vol. H2S), GIK..L also for air. The medium must be dry in all temperature conditions and must not contain condensate. Air control pressure: 0.5 to 120 mbar. Outlet pressure: 0.2 to 119 mbar. Bogie hearth furnace Differential pressure between inlet area and outlet pressure: max. 100 mbar. Transmission ratio: 1:1. Control range: 1:10. Internal thread: Rp 1 to ISO 7-1. Air/gas ratio controls GIK with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off serve to maintain a...

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