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Gear motor GT 50 Product brochure · GB Edition 10.09 • Controlled by three-point step signal: GT 50..E by continuous signal, GT 50..R by two-point step signal • Simple commissioning thanks to optional automatic/manual mode changeover • Position indicator that can be read externally • Precise setting of the switching positions thanks to infinitely adjustable switching cams • Installation options for two control elements • Spacious connection chamber for ease of installation • Any installation position • Low-maintenance operation

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Gear motors GT - 2

2 · GT 50 · Edition 10.09 GT 50 Application Gear motor GT 50 is mounted directly onto a butterfly valve, for example, DKR, in order to control the gas and air flow rates on gas burners. It is designed for applications that require precise, controlled rotary movement between 0° and 90° or 0° and 160°. There are two possible ways of checking the current position of the actuator – either using an optional feedback potentiometer or an optional current sensor. These scan functions can be used in automation processes. The GT 50 is controlled by a continuous signal or three-point step signal. The...

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Gear motors GT - 3

GT 50 · Edition 10.09 · 3 Examples of application Modulating control via three-point step signal Threepoint step VAG M GT 50 + DKR For processes that require high temperature accuracy and low circulation in the furnace. Gear motor GT 50 is controlled by a threepoint step controller and moves the butterfly valve DKR to the ignition position. The burner starts. The butterfly valve opens or closes DKR between the low-fire and high-fire rate positions depending on the capacity demand of the burner. When the three-point step signal is disconnected, the butterfly valve stops at its current...

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Gear motors GT - 4

4 · GT 50 · Edition 10.09 Technical data GT 50..E Power consumption: 6.3 VA at 50 Hz, 7.3 VA at 60 Hz. Mains voltage: 220/240 V AC, -15/+10%, 50/60 Hz, 110/120 V AC, -15/+10%, 50/60 Hz, 24 V AC, -15/+10%, 50/60 Hz. Feedback output: max. 500 Ω load impedance. Screw terminals for cables up to 4 mm2 (single core cables) and for cables up to 2.5 mm2 with wire end ferrules. Angle of rotation: GT 50-03 to GT 50-120: 0 – 90° adjustable, GT 50-06 to GT 50-214: 0 – 160°, adjustable. Input: 4 (0) – 20 mA: 50 Ω load impedance, 0 – 10 V: 150 kΩ input resistance. Enclosure: IP 54 pursuant to IEC 529....

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