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Gas-fired processes in the metalworking industry - 28 Pages

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Gas-fired processes in the metalworking industry

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Increased efficiency for melting, heating and heat treatment Gas-fired processes in the metalworking industry Edition 10.121 GB

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Metalworking industry We control your furnaces and your success! Honeywell Kromschröder products for industrial heat treatment processes combine energy efficiency, maximum safety and availability as well as an optimum price/performance ratio resulting in tailor-made solutions for the metalworking industry. PartDetective spare parts DVD ProFi product finder DVD with Docuthek

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What counts in a competitive world are the facts! Smelting furnace, Zollern Foundry works photograph Our product range for firing technology has a modular structure. Thanks to this modular system, you will benefit from functional and logistical cost benefits. Honeywell Kromschröder systems are a key cost-cutting factor because they are easy to assemble and install. Commissioning procedures are accordingly short and straightforward. We also offer a special range of training courses for various customer and product groups, should you require extra support. Our competent Service Team is also...

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We are prepared for any questions our customers may have and always have a solution at the ready Does your production process require homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the furnace chamber? Then Honeywell Kromschröder impulse burners are the best solution. The top-quality highspeed burners ensure optimum mixing of gas and air. Does your process require a defined furnace atmosphere? Our extensive product range offers system solutions for staged or continuous lambda adjustment or lambda control. The time-tested pneumatic ratio control system thereby ensures that no dangerous...

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Heat treatment furnace in South Korea Gas pressure control and safety line as a system solution We provide complete solutions with pre-assembled gas safety, measurement and control systems to EN 746-2 for the gas distribution system on industrial thermoprocessing installations with downstream burner systems. Here, all the individual components are perfectly coordinated. The solutions are designed to strictly comply with current standards and regulations. Prozess Steuerung/ Process Control (PCC) The protective system control FCU 500 monitors and controls the central safety functions of...

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Copper smelting furnace, ANDRITZ Maerz works photograph Continuously controlled heating system with cold air and pneumatic ratio control system Modulating control is a cost-effective option for controlling processes. The capacity can be adjusted continuously by activating the air control valve (analogue or 3-point step signal). The pneumatic ratio control system controls the gas pressure proportionally to the air pressure and thus maintains a constant gas/air ratio. At the same time, it acts as an air deficiency cut-out. Adjusting valves and/or butterfly valves are used for limiting the air...

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Bogie hearth furnace, Technocentro works photograph Stage-controlled heating system with cold air and pneumatic ratio control system Staged control with rotary impulse control is an optimal solution for systems requiring a large control range. In the case of cyclical control, the burners are switched on and off or are controlled in High/Low mode. The capacity supplied to the process is controlled by means of a variable ratio of the operating time to the pause time. In this type of control, the burner output pulse frequency always maintains full momentum and maximum convection is obtained in...

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Commissioning a furnace with BCU and Profibus DP connection Stage-controlled heating system with menox low NOx burners On the basis of the time-tested BIC series, Honeywell Kromschröder has developed the new low NOx solution, menox®. This combines the low-cost, simply structured burner BIC..M with simple control technology allowing to switch between two operating modes: a) traditional flame mode at low furnace tempe ratures and b) enox® low NOx mode with flameless comm bustion at higher furnace temperatures. In order to heat up the furnace, the burner operates in traditional flame mode as...

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Stage-controlled heating system with self recuperative burner Self recuperative burners feature an integrated heat exchanger (recuperator) to preheat the combustion air. Flue gas and combustion air are fed through a heat exchanger in the opposite direction. Depending on the burner model and mode of operation, 30 % energy savings can be achieved with air preheating up to 700 °C in comparison to cold air burners. Self recuperative burner Ecomax® Self recuperative burners are controlled by a rotary impulse system in staged ON/OFF control mode. A variable gas/air ratio control is used to...

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Roller hearth furnace, Andernach und Bleck works photograph Indirect heating with self recuperative burner and single-ended radiant tube In processes in which the material must not come into contact with the combustion gases or in inert gas furnaces, the heating is performed indirectly with radiant tubes. For optimal energy use, self recuperative burners firing into a single-ended radiant tube or P radiant tube are often installed in this case. The system is controlled by a rotary impulse system with ON/OFF operation of the burners. The burner impulse ensures recirculation of the flue gases...

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Ceramic flat flame burners for high-temperature processes and air preheating to high temperatures Modern forging furnaces are equipped with flat flame burners to avoid the material coming into contact with the flame and thus prevent local overheating of the material. Due to the special geometry of the burner quarl for flat flame burners, the burner head is exposed to radiation from the furnace chamber. To protect against faults, a metallic burner head must therefore always be cooled with air when the burner is switched off, which leads to an increase in the concentration of oxygen in the...

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Extremely safe: SIL and PL at Honeywell Kromschröder When planning industrial furnaces, changes in the end customer’s requirements often increase the planning time required – not with us. With burner technology from Honeywell Kromschröder, you can save time and money right from the planning stage. Thermoprocessing equipment must comply with high levels of safety and reliability so that the lowest possible risk levels are generated for people, the environment, products and processes in the event of a malfunction. Probability-based approaches to risk assessment and prevention are now becoming...

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