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Butterfly valves with actuator


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Butterfly valves with actuator - 1

ehe Butterfly valves Butterfly valves with actuator • For (hot) air and flue gas. • Low leakage rate and pressure loss • Wide range of nominal sizes DN 15- 500 • Simple installation thanks to clamping between standard flanges • Pre-assembled combination of actuator, attachment set and butterfly valve • Suitable for intermittent operation • Low-maintenance operation • Robust design for a long service life Product brochure ■ GB 3 Edition 08.151

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Butterfly valves with actuator - 2

Butterfly valve DKR..F with free shaft end Butterfly valve DKR..H with lever Butterfly valve DKR is designed to adjust volumes of hot air and flue gas on various appliances and flue gas lines. It can be used for a control ratio of up to 1:10. DKR..F With the mounted actuator IC 50, butterfly valve DKR..F is suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes. On butterfly valve DKR..H, flow rates can be set and fixed using a lever, for example to limit the high-fire rate on the burner. A scale indicates the set angle of opening. Attachment...

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Butterfly valves with actuator - 3

For processes that require high temperature accuracy and low circulation in the furnace. Actuator IC is controlled by a three-point step controller and moves the butterfly valve to the ignition position. The burner starts. The butterfly valve opens or closes between the low-fire/high-fire rate positions depending on the capacity demand of the burner. When the three-point step signal is disconnected, the butterfly valve stops at its current position. For processes that require high temperature accuracy and low circulation in the furnace. Actuator IC..E is controlled by a (0) 4- 20 mA or 0 -...

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Butterfly valves with actuator - 4

Gas type: air, flue gas. Butterfly valve DKR requires little servicing. Inlet pressure pu: max. 300 mbar (4.35 psi). We recommend a function check once a year. Medium temperature: DKR..100: -20 to +100°C (-4 to +212°F), DKR..350: -20 to +350°C (-4 to +662°F), DKR..450: -20 to +450°C (-4 to +842°F), DKR..650: -20 to +650°C (-4 to +1202°F). Ambient temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F). Seals: free of asbestos. DKR..150/350/450: Housing material: GG, valve disc: up to DN 100: steel, valve disc: from DN 125: GG, drive shaft up to max. 350°C: steel, drive shaft up to max. 450°C:...

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