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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC


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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 1

Industrial burners for gas ECLIPSE' krorr , schroder Product brochure ■ GB 7 Edition 06.151

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 2

Burner for gas BIO, ZIO For industrial furnaces and firing systems in the iron and steel industries in the precious, non-ferrous and light metal sector as well as in the plastics, fibre and paper industries. Other fields of application are thermal incineration installations, as well as driers and hot-air generators. The burners are used in combination with a burner quarl made from refractory concrete (e.g. in a forging furnace). Different flame shapes can be achieved by using burner quarls with different geometries. The burner may be adapted to the system requirements using different burner...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 3

menox® burner BIC..M Special BIC variants which can be switched to Menox mode for ultra low NOx at furnace tempe ratures > 850°C/1560°F in conjunction with a special burner control unit. * Capacities in kWrefer to the lower calorific value Hu and capacities in BTU/h refer to the upper calorific value Ho

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 4

High-velocity burner ThermJet For industrial furnaces and firing systems in the metals industries (ferrous and non-ferrous) as well as the ceramics industry. Other fields of application include thermal oxidizers (incineration) and a variety of drying processes. ThermJet is a direct fired, nozzle-mixing burner that is designed to fire an intense stream of hot gases through a high velocity nozzle. The extremely high velocity of the gases improves temperature uniformity, product quality and system efficiency. ThermJet is available in either high velocity or medium velocity versions in 14...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 5

Ultra low NOX burner Furnnox For continuous high temperature applications (e.g. annealing/pickling lines) as well as non-continuous applications such as forge and heat treatment furnaces. Furnnox is a direct fired furnace burner with exceptionally low emissions for continuous high-temperature processes, e. g. in steel industry. Furnnox is capable of producing NOx emissions of less than 30 ppm at 3% O2 in most high-temperature applications. To achieve high efficiency, the burner is controlled on-ratio throughout the operating range. Available in standard configuration for ambient air or...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 6

Self recuperative burners ECOMAX® The burners with integrated recuperator ECOMAX® are used for heating on either direct or indirect furnace systems. ECOMAX® self recuperative burners are used in conjunction with metal or ceramic radiant tubes as indirect heating equipment whenever the combustion gases are to be separated from the product. In conjunction with the flue gas eductor EJEK to return the flue gas, the burner may be used in directly heated industrial furnaces and firing systems. Segmented flame tube SICAFLEX® SICAFLEX® segmented flame tubes are used to guide hot flue gases in...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 7

Tube Firing Burner TFB The Tube Firing Burner (TFB) is designed to fire into radiant and immersion tubes. The unique nozzle design creates a uniform, adjustable flame length. The long, spiraling flame results in cleaner combustion, efficient heat transfer and uniform tube temperatures. The flame scrubs the inside of the fire tubes to remove the gas film boundary layer and increase heat-transfer effectiveness with outstanding temperature uniformity. * Capacities in kWrefer to the lower calorific value Hu and capacities in BTU/h refer to the upper calorific value Ho

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 8

PrimeFire® 100 The PrimeFire 100 oxygen-fuel burner has become an industry standard for glass furnace applications. It provides improved refractory life and reduced melting costs. The burner produces a conical-shaped flame and has multiple-fuel capabilities, from natural gas to light/heavy oils. The adjustable control on the burner allows variation in flame coverage to suit melter size and temperature profile. PrimeFire® 300 The PrimeFire 300 burner for glass furnaces creates a fan-shaped flame with low momentum, which creates a lower peak flame temperature. This results in lower operating...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 9

BrightFire® 200 BrightFire® 200 is an adjustable, low NOx, air-fuel burner, compatible with regenerative glass furnaces. The burner provides superior flame adjustability by splitting the gas inside the burner into two independently variable gas flows. This allows increased flexibility in flame geometry and therefore the location of heat release into the glass melt, in addition to a significant reduction in NOx. WGD Low NOx WGD burners are compact, water-cooled through-port burners designed to be inserted into the port neck of regenerative glass furnaces. Using a unique arrangement of...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 10

Line-style air heating and duct burners AirHeat v1 AirHeat v1 is a compact modular burner, designed to generate a large volume of clean hot air for a wide range of industrial heating applications. All standard models feature an integrated combustion air blower mounted on the burner’s steel case. By supplying the correct air volume and pressure to the burner, this blower allows stable operation over a wide range of duct velocities. Available with combustion air blowers mounted remotely from the burner (e.g. outside of the duct). AirHeat v2 AirHeat v2 is a completely packaged line...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 11

Linnox ULE Linnox ULE is designed for use in any direct or indirect fired air heating application requiring excellent heat distribution, temperature uniformity, low emissions and simple robust controls. Burner operation is based on a high excess air pre-mix combustion that keeps flame temperatures low while burner geometry establishes an internal recirculation flame pattern. This allows for extremely low emissions at a high turndown rate (10:1) while maintaining stable combustion. **Subject to exhaust gas oxygen level * Capacities in kWrefer to the lower calorific value Hu and capacities...

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Burners for gas BIC, BICA, ZIC - 12

RatioMatic RatioMatic is a packaged air heating burner that features simple operation and robust, reliable performance. The ratio regulator and direct drive air butterfly valve simplify start-up and adjustment. The fast mixing nozzle provides clean, stable flame at all firing rates. RatioMatic delivers high fuel efficiency and low NOx, CO and aldehyde outputs. The design of the RatioMatic makes it easy to install, operate and maintain.

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