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Burner control unit CM 222


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Burner control unit CM 222 Product brochure · GB Edition 02.04 • • • • • • • • • • • For burner control and flame failure control Fan speed control for modulation of burner capacity Easy setting of fan speeds Connection for standard temperature controller Display unit with Reset function Integrated tightness control PC connection for programming and diagnosis Burner chip card Non-confusable plug connection Long service life High interference immunity

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Burner control unit CM 222 - 2

2 · CM 222 · Edition 02.04 The CM 222 unites the burner control unit, flame ­ ontrol c and tightness c ­ ontrol ­unctions in a f c ­ ompact package. CM 222 CM-Lab Chip Card The parameter setting of the units can be carried out very conveniently on a PC using the PC software CM-Lab. Burner chip card: for simple variant handling and product updating. Application The burner control unit CM 222 can be used for modulating or two-stage, sliding-controlled gas burners in powerful heating boilers. It performs all electronic control and safety functions of the gas burner in heating installations...

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Burner control unit CM 222 - 3

CM 222 · Edition 02.04 · 3 Example applications Burner Chip Card CM 222 Inputs: three-point step controller, standard temperature controller, building services management system, remote reset, gas and air pressure switches, flame failure control. PC CM 222 0–10 V 0–20 mA Outputs: gas valves, PWM fan, frequency converter for fan, ignition transformer, fault signal and operation signal. ϑ DL DG V1 V2 0 – 10 V Modulating or two-stage, slidingcontrolled burners In powerful heating boilers. + - A heat demand is signalled to the burner control unit. The burner control unit checks the fan for...

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Burner control unit CM 222 - 4

4 · CM 222 · Edition 02.04 Technical data Mains voltage: 230 V AC (-15/+10%), 50 Hz (± 5%) Power consumption: 3 W Fuse: 6.3 A slow-blow H Input signals Connection Voltage Current Gas pressure switch 230 V~ 3,5 mA Air pressure switch 230 V~ 3,5 mA Output signals Connection Gas valve Fan Ignition transformer Function relay Fault relay Voltage Current 230 V AC (-10/+15 %) max. 2 A* 230 V AC (-10/+15 %) max. 2 A* 230 V AC (-10/+15 %) max. 2 A* Externally accessible potentiometers for fan speed adjustment. Connections: Rast5 connector, Wieland c ­ onnector and Elster Kromschröder opto-­ adapter....

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