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HSHP/E Drum Heater Technical Datasheet HOLROYD BESPOKE SURFACE HEATING ELEMENTS APPLICATIONS: The HSHP Drum Heater is specifically designed for melting or reducing the viscosity of products that require aggressive heating or high temperatures for processing. The outer PTFE layer of this heater makes it ideal for use in chemical, acid and food handling applications. Used to achieve product temperatures at multiple levels and up to 220°C, this jacket provides the industry standard for handling products such as waxes, soaps and materials with high water content. The HSHP has excellent thermal transfer properties and presents a great solution for maintaining consistent product temperatures of innumerable applications. MAIN POINTS: • PTFE Coated Glass Fibre Cloth • High Operating Temperature • IP40 Protection • Double Insulated Construction • 20-220°C Capillary Thermostat • Thermal Insulation • Adjustable Quick Release Buckles • Standard Size - 200L-21OL • 4 Metre Power Cable • Optional Digital Bespoke Temperature Range Thermostat QUALITY RELIABILITY CREATIVITY SERVICE HOLROYD COMPONENTS LTD SHIRE HILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE SAFFRON WALDEN ESSEX CB11 3AQ

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0 ^ § Of QUALITY RELIABILITY CREATIVITY SERVICE COMMUNITY WWW.HOLROYDCOMPONENTS.COM HOLROYD BESPOKE SURFACE HEATING ELEMENTS CONSTRUCTION: The heating element of the HSHP side drum heaters is stitched into an insulated jacket made from lightweight, abrasion resistant PTFE fabric; this is then insulated with a high performance E-glass fibre blanket to aid thermal efficiency. Quick and easy to fit, the HSHP side drum heater is supplied with quick-release buckles and 4 metres of robust rubber power cable and can be fitted with a range of capillary thermostats. Also available with a digital...

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