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Controllers Technical Datasheet HOLROYD BESPOKE SURFACE HEATING ELEMENTS OVERVIEW: Holroyd can offer of a variety of temperature controllers which can be used in conjunction with our silicone heaters and drum heating equipment These options include capillary, analogue and digital variations. The capillary thermostat can be supplied in either 0-40°C 0-90°C, 0-120°C, 0-150°C or 20°C- 220°C and is fitted as standard to our drum heaters. These are fixed range thermostats which are mounted directly to the heaters, providing an ideal and easy solution for temperature regulation. Supplied with a capillary bulb sensor, this option is suitable for use at a voltage of either 110V to 230V and has a hysteresis of 4°C +/-2°C. The lifetime of the capillary thermostat is 100,000 cycles at 16 Amps. Holroyd can also offer two stand-alone options suitable for use at either 110V or 230V; these are the analogue or digital controllers. Our analogue controller uses a PT100 sensor connected to a 4 pole plug. Connected directly to the heater it provides close temperature regulation for temperatures between 0-200°C.The analogue option has a hysteresis of 3°C and a lifetime of 100,000 cycles at 16 Amps. In comparison the digital option uses a PTC sensor connected via a 4 pole plug to regulate temperatures between 0-150°C. It provides a digital read out of the heaters temperature and has an adjustable hysteresis. The digital thermostat has a lifetime of 100,000 cycles at 16 Amps and is commonly used in conjunction with the HIBC/A heater. 0 <P ® Q W QUALITY RELIABILITY CREATIVITY SERVICE COMMUNITY HOLROYD COMPONENTS LTD SHIRE HILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE SAFFRON WALDEN ESSEX CB11 3AQ

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